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  • We invite special session chairs who have published papers at top journals, for example, JOItmC, Knowledge Management Research &Practice, Sustainability and etc. +α
  • All special session papers' titles and author names should be announced until October 2016 by special session chairs including his own and colleages'.
  • All papers(each special session has 5 ~ 6 papers) should be presented at 2016 SOItmC 2nd International seminar (online presentation is possible). Expanded abstracts of papers (with 2000 words or 10-15 pages PPT) should be submitted until December.6(Tue.) and presented at December 9(Fri.). All special session chairs (authors) should present each paper in 5 minutes.Then we will recommend top 3 papers, 2 papers for SSCI special issue shooting, 1 paper for JOItmC special issue shooting. And, we require special session chairs and top paper authors to prepare top quality papers to pass the peer review process of SSCI special issues and JOItmC special issue process.
  • All special session chairs and authors should upload full and finished papers at SOItmC 2017 Conference platform until May, 2017.
  • All special session chairs and authors will present papers at the SOItmC 2017, and revise based on the comments from honor discussers such as Ulrich Witt and Philip Cooke, et al.
  • Every session’s three allocated papers which were allocated at special sessions would be recommended to SOItmC 2017 special issue journals until 2017 October 1st round.
  • The second, third round will be continued for the papers at the special issue journals by peer review process. From our system, the recommended 3 papers from each special session would pass the review process more effectively because they have enough time to prepare good papers, and they have several chances to develop their papers based on comments from world top scholars.