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Special Session 1.

  • Chair: Andreas Pyka(University of Hohenheim, Germany)
  • Theme: Schumpeterian Dynamics
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Uwe, Savin & Vannuccini): Replicator dynamics in value chains: explaining some puzzles of market selection
    • 2. (Raimund &Bernd): Intellectual Capital as a Determinant of Growth: A Quantile Regression Approach
    • 3. (Euy-Young Jung & Andreas Pyka): Schumpeterian dynamics of products as agents
    • 4. (Andreas): Transformations of Economic Systems: The Bioeconomy Case

Special Session 2.

  • Chair: Craig Anz(Southern illinois University, USA)
  • Theme: Emerging Design Practices in Knowledge-Oriented Economies - The Creative Destruction of Design
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Denielle): Collaborative Design: Emergent spaces for Participatory and Dialogic communication
    • 2. (Peter): Design(er)ing: Cultivating Agencies of Sustainability Through Platform Design
    • 3. (Basma): Combinatorial Design: Competency-based Strategies in Collaborative Practice
    • 4. (Craig): Agents for Critical Socio-Environmental Change in Urban Development Scenarios

Special Session 3.

  • Chair: Tommi A. Inkinen(University of Turku, Finland)
  • Theme: Evoluationary Economics, Economic Geography, Open Innovation and Business Networks
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Juho&Tommi): E-Capital and Economic Development in European Metropolitan Areas
    • 2. (Olli-Pekka, Vappu&Tommi): Developing a classification framework for assessing ports' environmental effectiveness
    • 3. (Maria &Tommi): Geographical Dimensions of the Information and Communication Technologies
    • 4. (Esa Hamalainen & Elen Twrdy): Cost aggregation in export logistics chain

Special Session 4.

  • Chair: Yuri Sadoi(Meijo University, Japan)
  • Theme: Japan's role of business innovation in emerging economies
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Yuri): Human Resource Development through Re-manufacturing business in Myanmar
    • 2. (Yoshi): Japan’s role for innovation system development in Thai automotive industry
    • 3. (Ye Tun Min): The Role of Higher Education in Industrial Development in Myanmar
    • 4. (Sergei): Innovative Japanese vending business in Russia (case of Dydo DRINCO Inc)
    • 5. (Sandugash, Mariya& Vera): Outlook of the implementation “Routeman” system on the Russian market (the case of Dydo DRINCO Inc)

Special Session 5.

  • Chair: Pedro D. Almaguer Prado(Isinapsys, Mexico)
  • Theme: Open innovation focused on renewing aging
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. Open innovation focused on renewing aging
    • 2. Chinese Dynasties Learning Lab II
    • 3. Alcohol Learning Lab
    • 4. Sahel Learning Lab
    • 5. Beer Game in Stella
    • 6. What are the best leverage points to manage the growth of system dynamics in our community?

Special Session 6. (The hosting discount session)

  • Chair: KarineOganisjana(Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Theme: Social innovation for sustainable development
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Karine, Svetlana, Konstantins, Nicolas& Anna): The model of involvement of the society in social innovation processes in Latvia
    • 2. (Anna, Alfia&Karine): Grassroots social innovation development: the main trends
    • 3. (Gunta&Lasma): Convergences and divergences between social innovation and social entrepreneurship concepts
    • 4. (Nicolas, Karine& Eugenio): Comparative analysis of the Chilean and Latvian contexts for public policy on social innovation

Special Session 7. (The hosting discount session)

  • Chair: MikusDubickis(Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Theme: Management of Innovation and Technology Transfer
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Mikus&Elina): Identification of Innovativeness level in New Product and Technology Development Projects: Case of Latvia
    • 2. (Maris &Elina): Innovation of the Management Systems in Medium-Sized Enterprises ? Problems and Solutions
    • 3. (Jana &Ingars): Assessment of sustainability in higher education institutions
    • 4. (Laura & Jana): Internal Evaluation of Intellectual Capital Management at Universities
    • 5. (Elina&Iveta): Employee retention in knowledge intensive companies

Special Session 8. (The hosting discount session)

  • Chair: Natalja Lace (Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Theme: Innovation diversity for emerging economies
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Deniss, Vladimir &Iveta): Internet of Things as a framework for company digitalisation
    • 2. (Andrejs): Managing Competence Based Synergy in Acquisition Processes: Empirical Evidences from Information and Communication Technologies Industry
    • 3. (Angelina &Natalja): Relevance analysis of factors enhancing coaching in organizations
    • 4. (Irena &Nata?ja): Total Factor Productivity and the Features of Economic Growth: the Case of Lithuania and Latvia
    • 5. (Nadezda): Methodological Framework for Commercialization of Biomedical devices

Special Session 9.

  • Chair: Paola Paoloni(University NiccoloCusano, Italy)
  • Theme: Women in Management, Work and Organization
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Paoloni, Demartini & Francesca): Female entrepreneur and social media: a literature review
    • 2. (Paoloni&Drago): Measuring and Evaluating the Changing Interest on Management and Gender Topics: A Time Series Clustering Approach
    • 3. (Drago, Ljubomir & Angelina): Manager Characteristics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Macedonia: a Multidimensional Analysis
    • 4. (Gabriele): Is there in economic literature a (lack of) definition of female entrepreneurship?
    • 5. (Paoloni & Marco): Relations and sustainability in Italian women tourism SMEs
    • 6. (Talamo & Drago):A Time Series Analysis of Fertility Intentions and Innovative Environments
    • 7. (Raffaele, Rosa, Benedetta, Matteo & Martina): Introducing Women’s Professional Football through a Sectorial Analysis

Special Session 10.

  • Chair: Jinxi Wu, Lei Shi(Tsinghua University, China)
  • Theme: Open innovation for industrial ecosystems
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Lei Ma &JingxianGan): The knowledge management strategy for IT firms: a view of innovation ecosystem
    • 2. (Ling Ding &Jinxi Wu): The ecosystem of new energy vehicle industry, a case from Sichuan Province in China
    • 3. (Chang Wang, Qiao Sun &lvshuiZuo): ICT-Enabled Platform Business Ecosystem for WEEE Recycling: The Cases of China
    • 4. (Wenhui Zhou): A value co-creation mechanism research based on the platform empowerment of entrepreneurial ecology
    • 5. (Yang Li & Lei Shi): The complexity of industrial ecosystems - the case of China

Special Session 11.

  • Chairs:John C. Yi(Saint Joseph’s University, USA), Jeong SukJae(KwangWoon University, Korea)
  • Theme: Knowledge, Value, Ethics, and Business Ecosystem
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (John Yi):Sustainable knowledge management in new product share forecasts
    • 2. (Brent Smith): Ecosystems are co-created: Fostering value-driven relationships between business, government, and people with technology
    • 3. (Dohoon Kim): Non-Confirmed
    • 4. (Jeong SukJae): An adaptive framework for aligning finance decisions on supply chain strategy and operations for firm’s sustainability
    • 5.(Jeong SukJae): Integrated modelling of energy-environment-ecnonmy (3E) for impact analysis by climate chanage and carbon tax

Special Session 12.

  • Chairs: Jaehoon Rhee (Yeungnam University, Korea), Junghyun Yoon(Dongguk University, Korea)
  • Theme: Entrepreneurship, and Knowledge and action sharing among industries, higher educations & research institutions, and science and technology parks
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Jaehoon Rhee &Junghyun Yoon*): Entrepreneurial Behaviors, Technology Transfer, and Performance: Focused on Network among Industries-Higher education & Research Institutions, and Technopark
    • 2. (Sanghyun Sung, Injun Choi &Junghyun Yoon*): The Effects of Entrepreneurial Business Process on New Firm Creation: An Empirical Study Based on PSED Data
    • 3. (Sanghyun Sung, Seunghoon Lee &Junghyun Yoon*): An Analysis of Key Factors of Entrepreneurial Business Process using Structural Equation Modeling
    • 4. (Deasu Kim &Junghyun Yoon*): Impacts of Meta-congnition on Innovative Behaviors: Focused on the Mediating Effects of Entrepreneurship
    • 5. (Seunghoon Lee, Jinyoun Lee & Injun Choi*): Communication-Flow oriented Organizational Redesign Methodology by Analyzing Unstructured Business Process Executions
    • 6. (Jooseok Lee, YoonseonJung, hokyumkim, Seunghoon Lee & Injun Choi*): An approach for finding suitable alternative process performers using organizational mining and SNA technique

Special Session 13.

  • Chairs: KwangHo Jung (Seoul National University, Korea), Seung-Hee Lee(Southern Illinois University, USA)
  • Theme: Digital Payment and Social Innovation
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Jane Workman, Kwangho Jung & Seung-Hee Lee): Public Service Motivation and Creativity
    • 2. (Seung-Hee Lee, Jane Workman & Kwangho Jung): Behavioral Model of Innovation Adoption: Comparing Chinese and U.S. College Students
    • 3. (Kwangho Jung, Seung-Hee Lee & Jane. E. Workman): Creative Attitude, Cultural Literacy, and Cultural Receptivity in an Era of Sustainable Development
    • 4. (Kwangho Jung & Sabinne Lee): The rise and fall of RFID-using food waste meter rate system: A case of Gangnam district in South Korea
    • 5. (Keunyoung Lee & Kwangho Jung): The Civil Servant Pension Reform in South Korea as Social Innovation: Using Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF)

Special Session 14.

  • Chair: Eui-SeopJeong (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea)
  • Theme: Technology Commercialization & Management
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Taehoon Kwon&Hyang Ho Son(Corr.)): A new time seires analytic method using Fast-Fourier-Transformation
    • 2. (Hyang Ho Son,EuiSeobJeong, Eui Soo Kim, Joon Woo Lee&Taehoon Kwon(Corr.)): An Information technology trend analysis of Gangwon-province industry in based on Korean Patent Information
    • 3. (Taehoon Kwon,EuiSeobJeong,Eui Soo Kim,Joon Woo Lee&Hyang Ho Son(Corr.)): A food industry trend analysis of Gangwon-province in Korea based on Patent Information
    • 4. (Hun Park, Jae-Young Yoo,Seong-Hee Moon&Hyuk Hahn(Corr.)): A Study of the Effect of Environmental Dynamism on the SME(Small and Medium sized Enterprises) Business Performances by SME Supporting Services in South Korea

Special Session 15.

  • Chair: JinHyo Joseph Yun (DaeguGyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: Open Innovation, New Combination, and Schumpeter
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Yun J.H.J.(Corr.), Jung Y.S.(Corr.), Park J.S. Lee C.H., & Zhao X.F.): Distance between technology and market, and difference of open innovation
    • 2. (Yun J.H.J., Jung W.Y., Park K.B.,& Lee M.H.(Corr.).): Historical analysis of open innovation dynamics from Madison to Samsung medical instrument
    • 3. (Yun J.H.J.(Corr.), Zhao X.F., &Shin C.H.): Change of open innovation by Korean SMEs after world economy crisis
    • 4. (Yun J.H.J.(Corr.), Park K.B., Lim C.J., Gupta, A., &Egbetokun A.A.): Open Innovation of Social Enterprises: Analysis of Burro Battery of Ghana, and Grass roots innovation of India
    • 5. (Yun J.H.J.(Corr.), Park K.B.(Corr.), & Jeon J.H.): Benefits and Costs of Closed Innovation Strategy: analysis of Samsung Note 7 Battery explosion

Special Session 16.

  • Chair: JeonghwanJeon(Gyeongsang National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Open innovation for roadmapping future technology & society
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Jeonghwan Jeon &Yongyoon Suh(Corr.)): Open roadmap for open innovation at the national level: A case of Roman period
    • 2. (Jeonghwan Jeon &Jieun Kim(Corr.)): Roadmapping for export of space segment based on portfolio analysis: A case of Korea
    • 3. (Jieun Kim &Jeonghwan Jeon(Corr.)): Data-driven scenario planning in open innovation: Integrating keyword network and morphological analysis
    • 4. (Jieun Kim): How to improve future service quality: Exploring the rule of satisfaction from user reviews
    • 5. (Yongyoon Suh &Jeonghwan Jeon(Corr.)): Exploring open innovation network in safety science for future society: A patent analysis
    • 6. (Sanghoon Lee &Jeonghwan Jeon(Corr.)): The effect of strategic alliance network on R&D productivity: A case of pharmaceutial industry

Special Session 17.

  • Chairs: KyungBae Park (Sangji University, Korea), SangOh Shim (HanBat National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Dynamics of Open Innovation, Business and Society
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Sang-Oh Shim, KyungBae Park (Corr.) &SungYong Choi): Innovative Production Scheduling with Due Date Based Measurement
    • 2. (SungYong Choi, KyungBae Park (Corr.) & Sang-Oh Shim): An Analysis of Manufacturing Process with Yield Distribution
    • 3. (Yun JHJ(Corr.), Park K.B., Lee D.S., &Ahn H.J.): Schumpeterian Cycling Dynamics of Open Innovation: Proves Applying, and Mathematical Modeling
    • 4. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), DongKyu Won(Corr.), KyungBae Park, EuiSeob Jeong & Xiaofei Zhao): Growth Condition of Autonomous Car and Intelligent Robot Industries: System Dynamics Simulation from Patent Data

Special Session 18.

  • Chairs: Chih-cheng Lo (National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan), Ying-Che Hsieh (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)
  • Theme: The Ecosystem of Open Innovation and organisational innovation
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Yin-che Hsieh & Li Hsiang Yi): How innovation contributes to the sustainable business ecosystem: A lesson from the Taiwanese local comic industry
    • 2. (Wei Her Hsieh & Shih Yun Lu): The convergent design innovation of E-textile and wearable computer?a historical perspective
    • 3. (Chih Cheng Lo): The servitization of manufacturing-the comparative study on the role of intermediaries between Taiwan and Korea’s ICT industries
    • 4. (Chunhsien Wang): Linking Firm Openness and Innovation: The Moderating Role of External Knowledge Search strategy
    • 5. (Chih Cheng Lo): An empirical study on Taiwan enterprises’ open innovation activities and their added value

Special Session 19.

  • Chair: DongKyu Won (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea)
  • Theme: Complex Innovation strategies for intelligence society
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (DongKyu Won, Woon-Dong Yeo &BoongKee Choi): The Communicative Dynamic Model of Collective Intelligence in Risk Society
    • 2. (BoongKee Choi, Woon-Dong Yeo &DongKyu Won): ANT(Actor Network Theory) Simulation Model for Making R&D Policy
    • 3. (Sun-HeeYoo): A Study of Dynamic Model for New Industrial Market Emergence using Text Mining
    • 4. (BangRae Lee, Jun-Hwan Park, Leenam Kwon, Young-Ho Moon& Han-joon Kim): An analysis on the business trends of Korea's companies using publicky listed companies' annual report
    • 5. (Jun-Hwan Park, Bangrae Lee, Yeong-Ho Moon & Lee-Nam Kwon): Analysis of industry trends using financial information of company
    • 6. (Yong-Il Jeong): Development of new Methodology for S&T Intelligence Service
    • 7. (Heyoung Yang): Long-term collaboration network based on DB in pharmaceutical industry
    • 8. (Hyuck Jai Lee & Heyoung Yang): Evolution of clinical trial collaboration network of Novartis for 29 years

Special Session 20.

  • Chair: Sunah Kim(Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: Open Innovation by Design Thinking
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Do-Young Kim, Hyo-Jin Kim&Ken Nah(Corr.)): Design Awards Business Model based on the Open Platform
    • 2. (SuhyunBaek&Sunah Kim(Corr.)): Participatory Public Service Design by Gov.3.0 Design Group
    • 3. (Hye-Jeong Choi, Young-Ok Jeon&Ken Nah(Corr.)): Collaborative Workshop for Brand System Development
    • 4. (Bo-Young Kim(Corr.)&Hyo-Jin Kim): Startup Innovation in the Design Industry
    • 5. (Taesun Kim(Corr.)): Finding opportunities by design thinking to innovate 119 emergency medical service

Special Session 21.

  • Chair: Kiseok Kwon(Hanbat National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Social Network and Technology Commercialization
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Jin Guk Kim): Science catch-up based on co-evolution of science and technology: the case of astronomy and nuclear fusion research in South Korea
    • 2. (Tahir&Peter): Government Policy and Technology Commercialization in South Korea: A Cognitive Approach
    • 3. (Ki-Seok Kwon): Why is it difficult to transplant science? the failure of international scientific collaboration between Korea and Germany
    • 4. (Lee Sangduk&Lee Soonjoo): Agro-economic situation in the world and domestic markets of agricultural and food products in the CIS countries
    • 5. (Sungjong Lee&Ki-Seok Kwon): A Novel Approach to the Analysis of Interdisciplinary Research

Special Session 22.

  • Chair: DaeCheol Kim(Hanyang University, Korea)
  • Theme: Open Innovation of Service Sectors
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (KyungwanKo&Deacheol Kim): Efficiency Analysis of Retail Chain Stores in Korea
    • 2. (Eung-suk Park &Daecheol Kim): Consumer Acceptance Analysis on Home Energy Management Systems
    • 3. (Byung Yong Hwang, HeeJu Jun &Daecheol Kim): A Case Study on the Improvement of Institution of ‘High-risk high-return R&D’ in Korea
    • 4. (Meehyang Chang & Han-Byeol Jang): Causal Relationships among Efficiencies, Service Quality, and Satisfaction for Chinese Commerce Banks
    • 5. (Eun-Song Bae): The Effects of Hallyu on Tourism in Korea

Special Session 23.(Open Innovation and Business Model Competition Session)

  • Chair: ChoongJae Im(Keimyung University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (President of UB Pay, KyungYang Park): Smart Finance Business Model
    • 2. (Professor of Keimyung University, Geunwoo Ryu): Business Transaction Model based-on Black Chain Technology
    • 3. (President of TT & G, Bae-hee Lee): Smart Golf Caddy Common Platform and Methods
    • 4. (President of Neuron Works, Sun Shin): IOT General Business Model
    • 5. (President of MX, GeunBaek Park): Smart Praise Business Model
    • 6. (President of IDEAL, ByungJun Choi): Smart Air Emission Model

Special Session 24.

  • Chair: SamYoul Lee(Yonsei University, Korea)
  • Theme: Uncertainty and innovation policy making
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Young Jun Choi &Mi Sun Jeon): Between Innovation and Risk: Role of the Government
    • 2. (Yoon Kyung Lee & Sam Youl Lee): Effect of Art Enjoyment on the Perception of Inequality
    • 3. (Yun Kyoung Kim & Sam Youl Lee): Evaluating Public Art Organizations: A Balanced Model Approach
    • 4. (Sam Youl Lee &Yoon Sang Ha): Transforming Government: A Platform Approach
    • 5. (Sam Youl Lee, JiyoungSeol, & Hyun Jung Cho): A Framework for Evaluating g-Government for Integration

Special Session 25. (The hosting discount session)

  • Chair: Anna Svirina(Kazan National Research Technical University, Russia)
  • Theme: Innovation in Supply Chain Management
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Koval, Kutz&Svirina): Expert assessment of Kazakhstan economic model: the aspect of global supply chains
    • 2. (Lukashevich, Garanin, Svirina&Shindor): Multilevel prognosis of logistics chains in case of uncertainty: information and statistical technologies implementation
    • 3. (Dubolazov&Temirgaleev): The innovative approach towards high-speed roads efficiency estimation
    • 4. (Svirina, Munina, Prause, Lukashevich, Garanin, Koval&Kutz): Revisiting LPI index in regionally polarized economies: comparative study for Russia and Kazakhstan
    • 5. (Albekov, Medvedkin, Medvedikina, Bodiagin&Mezinova): Global Value Chains: Green Economy and Sustainable Development Challenges

Special Session 26. (The hosting discount session)

  • Chair: Manuela Tvaronaviciene(Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania)
  • Theme: Towards Circular Economy: Innovations, Clusters and Entrepreneurship
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Deniss, Vladimir & Renata): Flexible Manufacturing Systems as success factor of a company
    • 2. (Manuela): Energy security and energy intensity modelling in selected countries: if clustering is observed
    • 3. (Renata, Laura &Deniss): Entrepreneurs’ human capital and international performance of SMEs: evidence from Lithuania
    • 4. (Agn?, Renata &Deniss): Americanization as a driving force for globalization
    • 5. (Irina &Deniss): The use of emotional capital of the company in the management of e-Commerce enterprise

Special Session 27.

  • Chair: Sang-Don Lee(Ewha Womans University, Korea)
  • Theme: Climate change and environmental resilience
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Se Young Park & Sang-Don Lee): Trends of phenological responses to climate change and urbanization
    • 2. (Sun-Soon Kwon & Sang-Don Lee): Impacts of Potential Climate Change and Human Deforestation on Temperate Forest Carbon Pool in the Capital Area of South Korea
    • 3. (Sangdon Lee & Hiroyoshi Higuchi): A study of wintering habitat use pattern of red-crowned cranes in Demilitarized Zone in Korea
    • 4. (Junghee Han): Government support and SMEs innovations in the regional industries: Export perspective in South Korea
    • 5. (Junghee Han & Almas Heshmati): Circular business model for innovation within circular economy

Special Session 28.

  • Chair: Chang-Soo Sung (Dongguk University, Korea)
  • Theme: Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship - educational and nascent entrepreneurs' perspective
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Chung-Gyu Byun & Hwan-Ho Ha): A Survey on Competencies of Entrepreneurial Marketing in Technology-based Startup Company Using an Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA)
    • 2. (Joo Y. Park& Chang Soo Sung): Do Social Networks Foster Innovation? An Empirical Study of Social Networks on Innovation Performance from Knowledge Perspective
    • 3. (Chang Soo Sung, Joo Y. Park&DeaEop Kim): The Relationship between Individual Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Intention, Individual Market Orientation, and Nascent Entrepreneurship
    • 4. (Jiyoung Kim) &Daesoo Choi): The study of Innovative behavior and entrepreneurial intention in team-based entrepreneurship education
    • 5. (Kyunghee Jung & Chang Soo Sung): Investigating the factors effect on corporate entrepreneurship in platform business
    • 7. (Tae Hyun Lee& Ki Hong Kim): The Effect of HRM on Corporate Entrepreneurship: evidence from innovative SME in Korea

Special Session 29.

  • Chairs: Lei Ma (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China), Zheng Liu (Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China)
  • Theme: Innovation Ecosystem: Strategy and Policy
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Lei Ma & Zheng Liu): The impact of policy on innovation ecosystem: Case study of Changzhou, China
    • 2. (Shaowen Zou, Bin Wang&Tianyu Huang): The nurturing process and policy of regional innovation ecosystem: Case of Suzhou, China
    • 3. (Xin Liu): Measurement of the patent ecosystem of 3D bio-printing in the view of patent system
    • 4. (Wenlong Liao): A study on the new industry-university-research collaborative R&D organization structure based on the internet environment
    • 5. (Xiaojing Huang): A research on the innovation model of intellectual property service for small and medium sized enterprises
    • 6. (Tao Li): Internet big data ecology: An entropy approach

Special Session 30.

  • Chair: Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University, Taiwan)
  • Theme: Technology and Innovation Driven Industrial Development and Business Economics
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Min-Ren Yan): Simulation-based System Dynamics Decision Support System for Innovation-driven Business Development and Economical Evaluations (Recommended to Sustainability special issue shooting)
    • 2. (Min-Ren Yan & Ling-Wei Jen): Strategic Modelling for Improving Open Systems Innovations and International Supply Chain Collaborations in Multinational Enterprises (Recommended to JOItmC special issue shooting & Best Paper Award)
    • 3. (Min-Ren Yan, Kuo-Ming Chien & Wen-Lin Cho): Nation-wide Eco-System of Academia-Industry Collaborations for Technological Innovations and Industrial Economics: A Case Study of Science Parks(Recommended to Sustainability special issue shooting)
    • 4. (Li Kun): Multiform Context Dynamic Cooperation Strategies of Enterprise Organization Knowledge Share
    • 5. (Min-Ren Yan & Jen-Ming Weng)Analytic Framework of Critical Bargaining Power for Open Services Innovation in Printer, Publisher and Paper Merchant Alliance
    • 6. (Min-Ren Yan, Po-Hong Lin & Chia-Chi Hsu): Integrating Business Model Development and Open Service Innovations in Textiles and Clothing Industries: A Case-based Approach