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General Session 1.

  • Chairs: Anil K. Gupta, AnamikaR. Dey(Indian Institute of Management, India)
  • Theme: Reciprocal and Accountable Open Innovation System:Connecting corporations and communities
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Ricardo Perez Valerino): How to create a successful national industry from a governmental investment on education and science? Cuban biopharmaceutical industry as example
    • 2. (Chintan Shinde et. al.): Grassroots to Global: A multi-actor evolution and transfer of the Bullet Santi from India to Kenya
    • 3. (Shantam Shukla): Open Innovation: “So you wish to open out, but are others interested in partnering?”
    • 4. (Armando Rodriguez Batista): Towards an Inclusive Science and Innovation System. Cuban Experience
    • 5. (Liyan Zhang): Democracy and Equality: What University can Learn from Grassroots Innovators
    • 6. (Ankur Sarin & Ashish Ranjan): The Right to Education Resource Center: Furthering Education, Deepening Community Partnerships
    • 7. (Sanjay Verma & Shubhi Thakuria): SauMill: The Journey of Cost & Value Innovation at Tata Communications Limited
    • 8. (Anamika Dey, Gurdeep Singh & Anil Gupta): The  open, frugal and reciprocal innovations for climate resilience : incentives for partnership between formal and informal sector
    • 9. (Vivekanandan): Innovators association: experience of seva in promotiong Honey Bee Network values

General Session 2.

  • Chair: Valentina Della Corte(University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Giovanna Del Gaudio(University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
  • Theme: Innovation in tourism industry: new challenges and perspectives
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio & Fabiana Sepe): Innovation and tradition-based firms: the case of “La Torrente”
    • 2. (Craig A. Stephens, Matthias O. M?ller, Alan K. Graham & Andreas J. Harbig): Innovating and Inventing for Sustainable Cities: a Tale of Three Incongruities
    • 4. (Hyoung Sun Yoo, Ji-Hui Kim, Dong Kyu Won & You Eil Kim): A Study on Establishing Economic Activation Strategy Based upon Inter-Industry Network Analysis: The Case of Korea
    • 5. (Young-Il Kwon): Analysis of Research Trends of the Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
    • 6. (Januar Heryanto & Bezaleel Hadinata): The Influence of Perceive Quality on Word of Mouth as Mediated by Perceived Value (Social, Emotional and Functional) Study of Zara’s Customers in Surabaya, Indonesia

General Session 3.

  • Chair: David Parks (Director of The Skill Mill Limited, Scottish)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Katri-Liis Reimann & David Parks):  An international perspective on the social value equilibrium: a case study
    • 2. (Ustyuzhantseva Olga): Discovering innovative potential of people in Russia
    • 3. (Shivta Kureel): Grassroot Innovations in Fish Feed and Fertilizers, India
    • 4. (Cho, Deokho): The Characteristics Analysis of Life Satisfaction of Potential Elderly and Elderly People

General Session 4.

  • Chair: Sang C. Lee(DGIST, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Kwon Dong Kim, Doo Hyun Jang & Sang C. Lee): Detention and Liberation, the Constant Slip Related to Naming and its Consciousness
    • 2. (HeungJu Ahn & Sang C. Lee): Mathematical approaches to dimensions
    • 3. (Soo In Lee Kwon Dong Kim & Sang C. Lee): A Study on the Interaction between Science & Technology and Society-Perspective of strong artificial intelligence?
    • 4. (Sang C. Lee, Kwon Dong Kim & Jong Han Chae): A comparative study between the heritage of the three states in Korea and the divine comedy in Italy-Hidden Rules in Happiness Equations-
    • 5. (Boeun Choi, Jihyun Shin, Jinhyun Lee & Younghum Cho): A Study on the Energy Performance Evaluation and Economic Analysis of Insulation materials

General Session 5.

  • Chair: Park Hang Sik(EULJI University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1.(Park Hang Sik): Technology Convergence, Open Innovation and Dynamic Economy
    • 2. (Heyoung Yang & Su Youn Kim): IT-related business model innovation cases in Korea towards 4th industrial revolution
    • 3. (Jeonghwan Jeon &Yongyoon Suh): Analysing the Major Issue on the 4th Industrial Revolotion by Data mining Approach
    • 4. (MyungSan Jun): Blockchain Government