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Special Session 1.

  • Chair: Valentina Della Corte(University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
  • Theme: Industry 4.0: Implications on Firm’s Management
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Luca Ferri, GianlucaGinesti, Rosanna Spanò, AnnamariaZampella**): Education and entrepreneurship. Mapping the territory towards an action plan
    • 2. (Valentina Della Corte**, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Vasudeva Rao Aravind, Igor Jurčić, Debra Ferdinand-James, Krishnan Umachandran): Affordances of Educational Technologies in Facilitating Learning in Today’s Cross-Cultural Global Context
    • 3. (Mario Tani**, Ornella Papaluca, Pasquale Sasso): Open- and Closed- Innovation in a System Thinking perspective: a systematic review
    • 4. (Nadia Di Paola**, Tiziana Russo Spena): The paradox of sustainable open innovation: a comparative analysis
    • 5. (Piera Centobelli**, Roberto Cerchione, Emilio Esposito, Renato Passaro, Ivana Quinto): Digital attitude of startups: Evidence from Italy

Special Session 2.

  • Chairs: Roberto Micera(National Research Council (CNR)- Institute for Research on Innovation and Services for Development(IRISS)) & FabianaSepe(University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
  • Theme: The New Frontiers of Smart Innovation in the Hospitality and Cultural industry
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio, FabianaSepe & Mario Tani): Innovation paths in the wine industry: the case of Campania Region
    • 2. (Valentina Della Corte**, Karin Reinhard, Norbert Haydam & FabianaSepe): An innovative approach towards developing a Destination Brand Equity Model: a comparative study of three wine tourist destinations
    • 3. (Francesca Pagliara** & Filomena Mauriello): An analysis of the effects of investments in transport technologies on the tourism industry
    • 4. (Fabio Greco): Effectuation principles in successful Startup companies

Special Session 3.

  • Chair: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Theme: Innovation Diversity for Emerging Economies
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Rosa, A., Lace, N.** &Lukasenko, R.): The model of coaching interaction in organizations for sustainable performance within the life cycle
    • 2. (Cirjevskis, A.): Bridging Dynamic Capabilities and Business Models Perspectives: Antecedences and Consequences of Technology Related M&A
    • 3. (Gvatua, S., Lace, N.** & Kozlovskis, K.): The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on the Development of Manufacturing Sector: the Case of Latvia
    • 4. (Lotsov, J., Rostoka, Z., Gaile-Sarkane, E.**): Contemporary challenges of human resource development in construction industry - the case of Latvia
    • 5. (Nikitina, T., Lapina, I.): Influence of Innovative and Knowledge Intensive Environment to Development of Managerial Competences

Special Session 4.

  • Chairs: Abiodun Egbetokun(National Centre for Technology Management, Nigeria) &XiaoFei Zhao(Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: Empirical Evidence on Innovation and Performance in Developing Countries
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), XiaoFei Zhao(Co-Corr.), KyungBae Park &YoungDuk Kim): Why and how does Alibaba become global top electronic commerce company? Historical analysis of Alibaba’s Open Innovation with system dynamic feedback loop, and open innovation culture
    • 2. (Abiodun A. Egbetokun): Technology, Industry, Institutions, and Regulation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • 3. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), , KyungBae Park(Co-Corr.) & DongKyu Won): The Way to Entrepreneurial State; Open Innovation Dynamics
    • 4. (Philip Cooke, JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), Xiaofei Zhao & YongDuk Kim): The Digital, Quaternary, or 4.0 Web Economy: Some Implications
    • 5. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), DongKyu Won((Co-Corr.), KyungBae Park, EuiSeob Jeong & Xiaofei Zhao): Growth Condition of the 4th revolution Industries: Autonomous Car and Intelligent Robot Industries
    • 6. (Abiodun Egbetokun): How innovation conditions the serch for external knowledge: A study onf Nigerian Firms

Special Session 5.

  • Chair: Yuri Sadoi(Meijo University, Japan)
  • Theme: The role of Japanese innovation models
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Yuri Sadoi): International Davison of Innovative Labor and Technological Alliances
    • 2. (SHAPOSHNIKOV Sergei & Yuri Sadoi): Country image and consumer-based brand equity: interrelations and interdependence (the case of generation "Y" in Japan and Russia)
    • 3. (Yoshi Takahashi): Organizational learning for innovativeness: a systematic review
    • 4. (Ye Tun Min): Problem analysis and reform in higher education in Myanmar? from the case of Japanese higher educational reform-
    • 5. (Chia-Chen Wu): The transition of Japanese electrical industry  –by the impact of Sharp acquisition by Foxconn-

Special Session 6.

  • Chair: Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University, Taiwan)
  • Theme: Entrepreneurship, Strategy, and Shared Value in Innovation-driven Business and Economics
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Min-Ren Yan & Yung-Heng Lee): The Strategic Architecture and Systems Innovation towards Smart City Governance and Sustainable Infrastructures Management: A Case Study
    • 2. (Lin-Ya Hong & Min-Ren Yan): Human Capital Development for Innovation driven Economy and Regional Growth: A Cross-region Study
    • 3. (Min-Ren Yan, Chun-Han Wang, Nelson Jose Cruz Flores): The Business Growth Strategy and Dynamics of Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Industry
    • 4. (Min-Ren Yan & Ying-Yue Su): Business Innovations and Strategic Market Competition Dynamics in the Service Industries
    • 5. (Min-Ren Yan, Chia-Chi Hsu, Kuo-Ming Chien, Sung-Tse Wu): Towards the Innovation Ecosystem of Technology-enabled Business Model Development: An Empirical Study


Special Session 7.

  • Chair: Jinxi Wu(Tsinghua University, China)
  • Theme: Industry Ecosystems in China: Theory and Experiences
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Guopeng Xiang): Construction and Application of Regional Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Evaluation Index: Evidence from Zhejiang Province of China
    • 2. (Qulu): Research on the Industrial Policy of Electric Vehicle Based on the Innovation Theory of Demand Side -Taking Shenzhen New Energy Vehicle Industry as an Example
    • 3. (Jinxi Wu, Peng He, Yunhao Feng): The global M&A and the development of IC industry ecosystem in China: What can we learn from the case of Tsinghua Unigroup?
    • 4. (Ling Ding, Di Cao, Taohua, Ouyang, Jinxi Wu): The development and life cycle of firm innovation niche: A Case study on Lenovo's Cross-border R&D organization


Special Session 8.

  • Chairs: Lei Ma(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China) & Zheng Liu (Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China & Univ. of South Wales, U.K.)
  • Theme: Innovation Strategy and Policy
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Yue Zhu & Tao Lee): A study on the innovation policies of Changzhou High-Tech Zone from the perspective of stakeholders
    • 2. (Dandan Yan & Hengzhao Tang): The Role of China Government in Promoting Additive Manufacturing Industry ?? A Perspective of Collaborative Innovation
    • 3. (Menghang Zhang)Research on the Development Model of "Internet + E - government" in China??International Experience and Basic Paths
    • 4. (Tianyu Huang): The Research on the Convenience Service of the Public Bicycle Share System in Haimen,Jiangsu Province
    • 5. (Wenchao Ji): Research on Talent Attraction Policy of Chinese Universities??Examples from Jiangsu Province
    • 6. (Xiaojing Huang): Research on the Construction of New R & D Organization in the Internet-pule Environment
    • 7. (Zheng Liu, Lei Ma**, Yue Zhu & Qian CEN): Innovation system in animation industry: Case study of a Chinese company
    • 8. (Lei Ma & Tao Lee**): Analysis On Situation And Problems Of The Internet Transportation Ecosystem In China:Based On The Perspective Of Innovation Ecology

Special Session 9.

  • Chairs: KyungBae Park(Sangji University, Korea) &SungYong Choi(Yonsei University, Korea)
  • Theme: Open Innovation and Value Creation in Dynamic Perspectives
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (SungYong Choi, KyungBae Park(Corr.), Sang-Oh Shim, Jin-Min Kim): Sustainable Policy of Inventory Management in Terms of Open Innovation
    • 2. (Jin-Min Kim, KyungBae Park(Corr.), SungYong Choi, Sang-Oh Shim): Responsible Downward Substitution in Random Yields
    • 3. (Sang-Oh Shim, KyungBae Park(Corr.), SungYong Choi, Jin-Min Kim): Sustainable Production Scheduling under Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • 4. (Jin-Min Kim, KyungBae Park(Corr.), SungYong Choi, Sang-Oh Shim): A sustainable supply chain under quality dependent demand
    • 5. (JinSook Bang, SungYong Choi(Corr.), KyungBae Park, Jin-Min Kim, Sang-Oh Shim): A study on the influence of IT entrepreneurship education service quality on entrepreneurial intention6.

Special Session 10.

  • Chair: JinHyo Joseph Yun(Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: 4th Industrial revolution with 2nd IT Revolution
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (JinHyo Joseph Yun**, XiaoFei Zhao, Tan Yigitcanlar, DooSeok Lee & HeungJu Ahn): Architecture Open Innovation The Way to the Smart City, Smart Life, and Sustainable Capitalism in the 2nd IT Revolution Era
    • 2. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), Eui-Seob Jeong(Co-Corr.), YoungGyo Lee & Kim KyungHun): The Effect of Open Innovation to Technology Transfer and Technology Value: A Comparative Analysis of THE Automotive, Robot, and Aerospace Industries of Korea
    • 3. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), MinHwa Lee (Co-Corr.), KyungBae Park & Xiaofei Zhao): Does open innovation motivate serial entrepreneurs?
    • 4. (Kehinde Medase): Innovation and Creative-strategy in Sub-Saharan Africa: A firm-level analysis
    • 5. (JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.), Andreas Pyka, Giovanni Schiuma, Fumio Kodama, Min-Ren Yan, KyungBae Park, MinHwa Lee(Co-Corr.), HangSik Park, DongKyu Won, KwangHo Jung, SamYoul Lee, Xiaofei Zhao, JeongHwan Jeon): How to respond to the Fourth industrial Revolution, or the Second IT Revolution? Dynamic new ombination between technology, and market or society through open innovation

Special Session 11.

  • Chair: Sang Ok Choi (Korea University, Korea)
  • Theme: The Fourth Industrial Revolution and IT Convergence Innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Dae Geon Kim, Seung Hoo Jin & Sang Ok Choi): Impact of an Construction IT Technology Convergence Innovation on Business Performance based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • 2. (Dae Geon Kim, SeungHoo Jin& Sang Ok Choi): Study of the Factors Affecting Research Convergence Degree and the Mediating Effects of research outcomes : Focus on Technology Transfer Performance
    • 3. (Gyeong Min Nam, Dae Geon Kim & Sang Ok Choi): A Study on How University’s Resources Affect Industry Collaboration
    • 4. (Dae Geon Kim, Seung Hoo Jin & Sang Ok Choi): Construction Market Response Measures in Accordance with the Changes in Population Structure
    • 5. (Kang Won Lee & Sang Ok Choi): Study of the factors of Technology Innovation performance : foucus on mediating effects of government and enterprise support

Special Session 12.

  • Chair: DongKyu Won(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea)
  • Theme: The complexity in the 4th industrial revolution
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (DongKyu Won, JuWon Lee & SunHak Cho): National R & D investment model to cope with the fourth industrial revolution in Korea
    • 2. (DongKyu Won, KyungBae Park & JinHyo Joseph Yun(Corr.)): The Communicative Dynamic Model of Collective Intelligence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • 3. (Woon-Dong Yeo, ChangHwan Lee, GyeongRan Noh & DongKyu Won): Model of technology selection for international science and technology cooperation
    • 4. (Boong Kee Choi & DongKyu Won): Science and Technology Policy and ANT in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Era
    • 5. (BangRae Lee, EunSoo Son**, DongKyu Won, WoonDong Yeo, KwangHoon Kim & SangGook Kim): The linkage effect and efficiency analysis in the field of precision medicine
    • 6. (SunHi Yoo & Dong Kyu Won): Simulation of Complex Weak Signals of 4IR

Special Session 13.

  • Chair: Sunah Kim(Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: Empathic Design
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Hyejeong Choi, Subin Lee & Ken Nah (Corr.)): Meaning based Open Innovation
    • 2. (Suhyun Baek & Sunah Kim (Corr.)): A design process focused on user scenario
    • 3. (Bo-Young Kim, Hyo-Jin Kim & Young-Ok Jeon(Corr.)): An Analysis on the Critical Startup Success Factors in Design Business
    • 4. (Kyung ah Lee, Junhong Park, Seoyoung Kim & Jiyoun Lee(Corr.)): Open Innovation: Focused on the Korean Teens in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • 5. (Young-Ok Jeon, Seoyoung Kim & Ken Nah(Corr.)): A Study on the Analysis of the Types of East and West Design Governance as an Urban Innovation Paradigm
    • 6. (Taesun Kim (Corr.)): Prototyping Stakeholders in Public Dementia Care of the Dementia Cafe in Seongju District through Service Design Approaches

Special Session 14.

  • Chair: Lee SeungJu(Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology, Korea)
  • Theme: What makes innovation successful? - History, strategy and business model
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Junic Kim): Platform acceptance factors in the online industry
    • 2. ((Donghwa Jeong (Corr.) &Seungju Lee): A New Pathway Project for Maker Education with Information-theoretic Approach

Special Session 15.

  • Chair: Park Hang Sik(Eulji University, Korea)
  • Theme: Open Innovation in Bio-medicine from Technology to Business
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Park Hang Sik): WISH (Well-aging Indexing for Senior Health) Platform towards Happiness
    • 2. (Shin Kyu Ok &Hangsik Park(Corr.)): A Study on the Pattern and Recognition of Anti-aging Cosmeceutical: Focusing on convergence and sharing
    • 3. (Lee Ji Yeong, SoraMun, You-Rim Lee, HyoJin Kim, YooJin Lee &Hee-Gyoo Kang(Corr.)): Clinical research for diagnostic biomarker discovery of aging related diseases by proteomics

Special Session 16.

  • Chair: DaeCheol Kim(Hanyang University, Korea)
  • Theme: Service, Efficiency, and Open Innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Sung-Hun Park, Meehyang Chang & Daecheol Kim): The Impact on Congestion and Efficiency of Hospital Specialization
    • 2. (Eung-Suk Park, Soo-Hyun Park, Boram Kim & Daecheol Kim): Analysis of the Effect of Home Energy Management System
    • 3. (Boram Kim, Soo-Hyun Park, Eung-Suk Park & Daecheol Kim): Efficiency analysis of innovative SMEs
    • 4. (Meehyang Chang, Jeonghoon Kim, Daecheol Kim): The effect of culinary tourism behavior on food festival visitors’ revisit decision formation
    • 5. (Soo-Hyun Park, Daecheol Kim): Study on Effect of Supply Chain Environmental Management Activities on Environmental, Economical, Social Performance: Focused on Medical Device Manufacturing
    • 6. (Byung Yong HWAN(Corr.), HeeJu JUN, MeeHyang CHANG, DaeCheol KIM): The Analysis of Efficiency of Royalty System for Government-funded Research Institutes(GRIs) in Korea Using DEA Model
    • 7. (Joong Hoon Ko, Sung Hun Park & Eung Suk Park): The Impact of Program Portfolio Management Maturity and Business Alignment on PMO Efficiency

Special Session 17.

  • Chair: Weian Li(Nankai University & Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China)
  • Theme: Green Governance
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Runhui Lin, Yuan Gui & Zaiyang Xie): Green Governance and International Business Strategy: A Multiple Case Study of Chinese Multinational Enterprises
    • 2. (Guangsheng Jiang, Jian-ci Lu & Weian Li): Can Green Investor Improve Green Governance Performance?
    • 3. (Lujun Qi, Weian Li & Lixiang Wang): Does institutional investor affect CSR performance? From perspective of social network
    • 4. (Weian Li & Jian Xu): Green Governance: A Review and Framework for the Future
    • 5. (Weian Li, Yunpeng Lu & Xiaolin Li): The Study of Chinese Social Organizations Governance Transition’ Traits and Path Under the Green Governance Situation


Special Session 18.

  • Chairs: Davide Aloini (University of Pisa, Italy) & Luisa Pellegrini (University of Pisa, Italy)
  • Theme: Open Innovation as Complex Ecosystem: enabling practices and processes
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (LAraAgostini, Anna Nosella, Karen Venturini): Towards increasing affective commitment of partners in SME strategic networks
    • 2. (Davide Aloini, Roberta Amerotti, Valentina Lazzarotti, Luisa Pellegrini): Inside-Out: the forgotten side of Open Innovation and the Role of ICT
    • 3. (Francesca Michelino, Antonello Cammarano & Mauro Caputo): How open innovation affects the quality of innovation output: a knowledge-based perspective
    • 4. (Camilla Santu, Leid Zejnilovic, Emanuele Lettieri): Open Innovation in Healthcare: capturing the value of Patient Innovation

Special Session 19.

  • Chair: Eui-Seob Jeong(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea)
  • Theme: New role of intellectual property in the 4th industrial revolution
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Jeong Hee Lee & Eungdo Kim): Developing and evaluating determinants of licensing price in biopharmaceutical industry
    • 2. (Jeong Hee Lee, Eungdo Kim(Corr.) & Kwangsoo Shin): Factors affecting pricing in patent licensing contracts in biopharmaceutical industry
    • 3. (Kwangsoo Shin, EuiSeob Jeong(Corr.) & Eungdo Kim): Influence on pen innovation performance using capability-based framework in U.S. biopharmaceutical industry
    • 4. (Ki Soon Shin & Eungdo Kim): Measuring efficiency of the pharmaceutical companies in U.S. based on open innovation framework
    • 5. (EuiSeob Jeong & Sangwoo Kim): Comparison of Open Innovation Efficiency between Korean Pharmaceutical Industry and Automobile Industry

Special Session 20.

  • Chairs: Junghyun Yoon(Dongguk University, Korea) & Sanghyun Sung(POSTECH, Korea)
  • Theme: Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business Process, and Best Practice
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Junghyun Yoon, Hokyeom Kim, Sanghyun Sung (Corr.)): The Influence of Indirect Network reflecting Organization Capability and Characteristics on Innovativeness of Start-ups
    • 2. (Sanghyun Sung, ChanglimJoo, Junghyun Yoon (Corr.)): A Methodology for analyzing the Resource-Stakeholder Relationships based on Start-ups Business Process Log Data
    • 3. (Daesu Kim, Junghyun Yoon (Corr.) & Dongsik Lee): An Empirical Study on Entrepreneurship and Innovative Performance: Focused on the Moderating Effect of Network Quotient
    • 4. (Junghyun Yoon, Kikeun Kim, Sanghyun Sung (Corr.)): What are Determinants of Successful Technological Innovation?
    • 5. (Yoonseon Jeong, Sanghyun Sung, Injun Choi( (Corr.)): Entrepreneurial Business Process Repository

Special Session 21.

  • Chair: Sang-Don Lee(Ewha Womans University, Korea)
  • Theme: Economic Value Assessment for Ecosystem Service
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Junghee Han): Technology transfer and commercialization with a focus on Employment change
    • 2. (Sunghoon Chung & Junghee Han): Multiplier innovation and technological DNA with a focus on critics of Disruptive Innovation
    • 3. (Kyung-nam Kang & Junghee Han): Knowledge creation and commercialization with a focus on R&D support by government
    • 4. (ChangHwan Shin): The Relationship between social entrepreneurship and sustainability of social enterprises
    • 5. (Jiyoung Choi & Sang Don Lee): Decision making process of Ecosystem Service with an evaluation of economic value
    • 6. (Jiyoung Choi & Sang Don Lee): Application of HEP for maximizing habitat value in the process of road construction
    • 7. (Hye-young Jeon& Sang Don Lee): Change of butterfly distribution pattern in response to climate change in the Korean peninsula

Special Session 22.

  • Chair: Chang-Soo Sung(Dongguk University, Korea)
  • Theme: Digital Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Joo Y. Park & Chang Soo Sung): Factors influence on determinants of entrepreneurial career choice
    • 2. (Chang Soo Sung & Joo Y. Park): How do we protect piracy in Digital Entrepreneurship?: The impact of gender and deterrent methods
    • 3. (Daesoo Choi & Chang Soo Sung): The Relationship between Technology Innovation and Startup Performance: Employment and Profit Perspective
    • 4. (Yoo Shin Kim & Joo Y. Park): Digital entrepreneurship: what and how to educate?
    • 5. (Joo Y. Park & Chang Soo Sung): Survival factors in the valley of death: Inside views of innovation and behavioral perspectives

Special Session 23.

  • Chair: KwangHo Jung(Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Innovation Process, Knowledge Ecosystem, and Sustainable Behaviors in Market and Society
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Kwangho Jung, Seung-Hee Lee, Jane Workman): Purchasing Counterfeits and Citizenship of Market: Public Service Motivation Matters
    • 2. (Kwangho Jung & Eunhyeong Park): Comparing Disjointed and Concentrated Policy Knowledge Ecosystem as a Natural Experiment: Separating Two Different Central Government Complexes from Two Different Cities of South Korea
    • 3. (Sabinne Lee & Kwangho Jung): The Determinants of RFID-based food waste pricing system adoption: based on mixed methodology in Seoul Metropolitan Areas
    • 4. (Kwangho Jung, Seung-Hee Lee & Jane Workman): How Does Public Service Motivation Promote Creativity? Chinese College Students
    • 5. (Kwangho Jung, Seung-Hee Lee & Jane Workman): Exploring a Relationship between Public Service Motivation and Pro-environmental Behaviors: Comparing Chinese and US College Students
    • 6. (Bong Hwan Kim): Is Narcissism sustainable leadership?

Special Session 24.

  • Chair: MyungSik Do(Hanbat National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Urban Management
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Hoyong, Jung, Seunghyun, Choi & Do, Myungsik): Management of Urban Facilities based on Resilience and Asset Value
    • 2. (Changhyo Yi &Kijung Kim): A Machine Learning Approach to the Residential Relocation Distance of Households Living in the Seoul Metropolitan Region
    • 3. (Kiyong Kim & Lee, Jungbeom): Comparison of Traffic Accident Characteristics between Private and Rental Car Users in Korea
    • 4. (Choi, Seunghyun & Do, Myungsik): Effect of evacuation information on evacuation behaviors of residents in high-rise apartment
    • 5. (Do, Myungsik & Hoyong, Jung): Socio-economic Benefit of Dynamic Colleague-based Carpool Service in Korea

Special Session 25.

  • Chair: Hun Park(KISTI, Korea)
  • Theme: Market Analysis Methodologies for SMEs(Samll and Medium-sized enterprises)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Hun Park, Jae-Young Yoo & Hyuk Hahn(Corr.)): A Study on the Differentiated Knowledge Service Strategy by Addressing the Moderating Effect of Company Growth Stages on the Organizational Performances:  : The Case of South Korea
    • 2. (Hun Park, Jae-Young Yoo & Hyuk Hahn(Corr.)): A Study on the Impact of R&D Investment on Organizational Performance: Evidence from South Korea
    • 3. (Hyoung Sun Yoo&Seung –pyo Jeon(Corr.)): An Empirical Study on the Preference Factors of Collaborative Research with External Research Institutes of SMEs
    • 4. (Ji-Hui Kim, Hyoung Sun Yoo(Corr.), Jin Han Park): Development of a Supporting Model for External Environment Analysis by Text Mining; The Case of Korea
    • 5. (Young Il Kwon, Jong Ku Son, Jung Sun Lim, You Il Kim(Corr.)):A Study on the Promising Product Selection Indicators for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
    • 6. (Han-Gook Kim(Corr.), Jong-Ku, Son, SungJin, Kim): A Study on Application of Smart Analytics Solution for Industry and Market Information Analysis: Focusing on Public Sector Case
    • 7. (Seong-Hee Moon, Hun Park, Jae-Young Yoo, Chang-Hee Han, Geun-Wan Park, Min Kwan Kim, Jungwoo Lee&Hyuk Hahn(Corr.)):A Study on BSC(Balanced Score Card)-based Analysis for Performance Contribution of Knowledge Services Supporting SME(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

Special Session 26.

  • Chair: Heyoung Yang(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea)
  • Theme: R&D Policy and Innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (JihyunPark & Heyoung Yang): Serial analysis of the effect of collaboration on new drug development in Korea
    • 2. (Jihyun Park, Heyoung Yang): The anlaysis of public R&D investment for the new-drug development in Korea
    • 3. (Ji YeonRyu): New Science and Technology standard classification system as a measure of innovation
    • 4. (Heyoung Yang & Hyuck Jai Lee): Estimation of the time interval between basic research and development of the innovation model
    • 5. (Heyoung Yang & Hyuck Jai Lee): Deep understanding the relation between open innovation and drug development in Korea

Special Session 27.

  • Chair: Cristina Ponsiglione(University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
  • Theme: Open Innovation as Complex Ecosystems: the role of small firms, start-ups and networks
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Cinzia Battistella, Alberto F. De Toni & Elena Pessot**): Framing open innovation in startups’ incubators: a complexity theory perspective
    • 2. (Nunzia Carbonara**, NiccoloRiccardi): Does being part of geographical clusters matter in fostering the crowdfunding of innovative start-ups? An explorative study
    • 3. (Cristina Ponsiglione**, Ivana Quinto, Giuseppe Zollo): Regional Innovation Systems as Complex Adapative Systems: the case of lagging European regions
    • 4. (Ahrweiler P., Schilperoord M): Simulating the role of start-ups in open innovation