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Special Session 01.

  • Chair: Chulho Yang(Oklahoma State University, USA)
  • Theme: Smart Wearable Technology
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Chulho Yang & Young Chang): Auxetic Structures Used in Smart Wearable Garments
    • 2. (Mary Ruppert-Stroescu): Smart Clothing and Sensing for Patients
    • 3. (Ning Wang): Cattle Facial Recognition Using Deep Learning
    • 4. (Bing Yao): Biomedical and Health Informatics
    • 5. (Ilchung Park, Jeeyeon Hahn, and Chulho Yang): Thermal Characteristics of Auxetic Structures
    • 6. (Hitesh Vora): 3D printed PLA-Steel Polymeric Composite for Biomedical Applications

Special Session 02.

  • Chair: Avimanyu Sahoo(Oklahoma State University, USA)
  • Theme: Machine Intelligence in Mechatronics and Robotics
  • Paper Lists:

Special Session 03.

  • Chair: Virginia Charter(Oklahoma State University, USA)
  • Theme: The Impact of Fire Protection and Safety Technologies
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Virginia Charter & Haejun Park): Mitigation of Fire Spread in Informal Settlements
    • 2. (Virginia Charter): Integrating Fire Protection Engineering in the Design Process
    • 3. (Bryan Hoskins): Occupant Response to Emergency Notification
    • 4. (Leslie Stockel): Improving Student Safety During OSU Homecoming House Decoration Construction
    • 5. (Robert Agnew): Toxicity of Fire Effluent

Special Session 04.

  • Chair: Heather Yates(Oklahoma State University, USA)
  • Theme: Construction Education
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Heather Yates & Sreemala Das Majumder): Perceptions of Soft Skill of Undergraduate Students
    • 2. (Jonghoon Kim): Civil Integrated Management (CIM) Application for a Traffic Interchange Project: Case Study
    • 3. (George Berghorn): Participation in Competition-based Capstones Lead to Better Attainment of Program Outcomes
    • 4. (Ben Farrow):Aligning Demographic Shifts and Student Participation in Construction Management Education
    • 5. (Rachel Mosier and Lantz Holtzhower): Linking Test Taking Time with Grades

Special Session 05.

  • Chair: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Theme: Innovation Diversity for Emerging Economies
  • Paper Lists:
  • 1. (Cirjevskis, Andrejs): Measuring Competence-Based Synergies as Reciprocal Synergies with a Real Option Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • 2. (Babica, Viktorija&Sceulovs, Deniss): Business process digitalisation: opportunities and challenges
  • 3. (Dubickis, Mikus&Gaile-Sarkane, Elīna): On factors influencing technology transfer in companies at emerging economies
  • 4. (Oganisjana, Karine&Kozlovskis, Konstantins): Gender conditioned vision of innovation opportunities
  • 5. (Kasperovica, Ludmila & Lace, Natalja): Factors influencing companies pozitive financial performance in digital age: a Meta-Analysis
  • 6. (Simberova, Iveta &Kocmanova, Alena): Opportunities and Threats of Business Model Digital Transformation

    Special Session 06.

    • Chairs: Lei Ma(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China) & Zheng Liu(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China & Univ. of South Wales, U.K.)
    • Theme: Digital Innovation & Governance Policy
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(Tao Lee, Lei Ma & Zheng Liu): Marginal cost strategy of sustainable digital innovation in platform monopoly and niche competition
      • 2.(Tao Lee, Lei Ma & Zheng Liu): A sustainable patent fair value valuation & risk hedging mechanism based on super-sovereign digital currency
      • 3. (Zheng Liu, JinHyo Joseph Yun &Xiaofei Zhao): Exploring the role of government policy in the macro dynamic innovation of the creative industries: Studies on U.K. and China’s animation sectors
      • 4. (Xiaojing Huang): Research on the construction of innovative ecosystem in high-tech industrial park:—With Nanning high tech Industrial Development Zone
      • 5. (Kou Jing, Yuwei Zhang &Ziyi Wan): Research on the Digital Governance Path of Local Government in China: A Case Study of Jiangsu Province
      • 6.(Yang Wang): Marketization path research on intellectual property package on the product platform of new R&D institutions

    Special Session 07.

    • Chair: Yuri Sadoi(Meijo University, Japan)
    • Theme: Open Innovation the role of Japan
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(OpasPiansoongnern&RungluckNaksung): An Open Innovation Model for University-Industry Knowledge Transfer: A Case Study of Thailand
      • 2.( YuriSadoi): A diamond structure of the value-chain in the Japanese automotive suppliers
      • 3.(Kentaro Ono, Yusuke Tanaka, and KatsunobuMotoda): An Knowledge innovation model of Industry-university- local government: the case of Japan
      • 4. (Yuri Sadoi& Ye Tu Min): Human Resource Development of SMEs in Myanmar
      • 5. (Sergei SHAPOSHNIKOV): Servitization of Japanese business as a strategic response to the growingcompetition

    Special Session 08.

    • Chair: Yongzhen Xie(Shandong University, China)
    • Theme: Quantum management, Oriental wisdom and management innovation
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. ( Yongzhen Xie, Feiran Dong* ): Quantum thinking empowering, Taoist culture and Haier's innovative Integrating Order with Personnel model
      • 2. (Yujin Wang, lin Zhao* ): Adventure spirit, collaborative innovation and regional industrial upgrading
      • 3. (Feiran Dong, Yongzhen Xie*): Corporate mission, board diversity and corporate innovation
      • 4. (lin Zhao,Yujin Wang*): The mechanism and effect of kindness and CEO personality on corporate innovation
      • 5. (Feifei Yuan, Yongzhen Xie*): The mechanism and effect of business gang's adventure spirit and CEO power on corporate innovation

    Special Session 09.

    • Chair: Xiaofei Zhao(DGIST, Korea)
    • Theme: 4th Industrial Revolution and Sustainable Innovation
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Kangjin Ju): Study on fostering Corporate Entrepreneurs
      • 2. (Aesun Kim): A Study on the Future of Business Model with Unicorn Business Model Case Study
      • 3. (Yeji Yun): Smart city implementation strategy centered on Industry, Citizen, and Administration Platform
      • 4. (Yeji Kim): How to solve the Conflict in Sharing Economy
      • 5. (Achim Jang): New paradigm of organization, Living organization - the evolution of organic organization
      • 6. (Dahae Kim & JiYoung Oh): Designing Business Models in the ecosystem of blockchains

    Special Session 10.

    • Chair: JinHyo Joseph Yun(DGIST, Korea)
    • Theme: Open Innovation with Individual Rationality
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun(corr.)):Schumpeter Rectangle: New Combination from Open Innovation to Business Model
      • 2. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun(corr.), DooSeok Lee, Heungju Ahn, KyungBae Park): From Bounded Rationality to Individual Rationality-The Core of Emergence in Open Innovation Dynamics
      • 3. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun(corr.), Xiaofei Zhao, Lei Ma, Zheng Liu  & ....): Delivery Open Innovation Business Model Platform-Korea Bemin, USA Uber eats, China Meituan
      • 4. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun(corr.) & .... ) Financial Data Based Open Innovation Measure Model Building & Apply
      • 5. (Jinhyo Joseph Yun(corr.), Heungju Ahn, Euiseob Jeong(co-corr.), KyungHun Kim): Appearance of Collective Intelligence in Mathematics

    Special Session 11.

    • Chair: KwangHo Jung(Seoul National University, Korea)
    • Theme: Design, Community Innovation, Creativity, and Culture
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Kwangho Jung): Smart Voucher Design: Public Innovation for Citizens
      • 2. (Kwangho Jung, Sooki Lee &Daesung Jun): Collaboration between Traditional Market and Large Discount Retailers: Is It Sustainable Community Innovation
      • 3. (Kwangho Jung, Jong-Hwan Eun& Seung-Hee Lee): Policy Lessons from Centers for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI) in South Korea
      • 4. (Kwangho Jung, Jane E. Workman & Seung-Hee Lee): Cultural Literacy and Creativity
      • 5. (Seung-Hee Lee, Kwangho Jung & Jane E. Workman): Fashion Counterfeits: Wicked Problem or Embedded Culture

    Special Session 12.

    • Chair: Jeonghwan Lee(Myongji University, Korea)
    • Theme: Innovation and knowledge creation
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Jeonghwan Lee, Anvarov Sanjar, Kyuho Jin*):Corporate Control and Local Innovation of International Joint Ventures: Evidence from Korea
      • 2. (He Soung Ahn): Knowledge Creation by SMEs Receiving Government R&D Support
      • 3. (Jung Hyun Kim*, Jeonghwan Lee): Impact of Soft and Hard Power on Cross-Border M & As Execution
      • 4. (Injong Lim*, Jeonghwan Lee): A Study on the Factors Affecting Technology Convergence in Output Perspective: Focusing on Korean Individual Patents
      • 5. (Monica Youngshin Chun, Injong Lim, Jeonghwan Lee*): A Study on Determinants of Technology Convergence among Korean Large Enterprises and Government-Supported Research Institute

    Special Session 13.

    • Chair: Eungdo Kim (Chungbuk National University, Korea)
    • Theme: Dynamic of Open innovation in biomedical Industry #1
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Kisoon Shin; Eungdo Kim*; Kwangsoo Shin*): The impact of Social Capital on Korean National Innovation System
      • 2. (Sunmi Jung; Kwangsoo Shin*; Eungdo Kim*): Factors Affecting the Performance of Government Supported R&D Project in Korean Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry
      • 3. (Heeeun Min; Eungdo Kim* ;Kwangsoo Shin*): Evaluating determinant Priority of Success factors of Technology Transfer in Government-funded Research Institute
      • 4. (Sooryun Ryu; Eungdo Kim*; Kwangsoo Shin*): Measuring efficiency of Korean bio-pharmaceutical firms based on business model - meta-frontier analysis
      • 5. (He SoungAhn; Eungdo Kim*): Do strategic alliances really benefit firms? A distinction between successful and failed alliances

    Special Session 14.

    • Chair: Kwangsoo Shin(Chungbuk National University, Korea)
    • Theme: Dynamic of Open innovation in biomedical Industry #2
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Nahmryune Cho; Eungdo Kim*; Kwangsoo Shin*): How pipeline management affects on innovation performance in pharmaceutical industry
      • 2. (Sungjin Park; Eungdo Kim*; Kwangsoo Shin*): The optimal new drug portfolio managment strategy in bio-pharmaceutical industry
      • 3. (Harry Jeong; Kwangsoo Shin*; Eungdo Kim*): Value Network Evolution in the Food Industry: A case of Korea
      • 4. (Gyuyoung Kim; Kwangsoo Shin*; Eungdo Kim*): Hurdles and Innovation Strategies for Using Public Healthcare Big Data: A case of Korea
      • 5. (KyungTaeEom; Changhyun Song; Kwangsoo Shin*): What is important for the firm's growth in Korean medical device industry? Business Model, Diversification, Technological Innovation

    Special Session 15.

    • Chair: Tae-Eung Sung(Yonsei University, Korea)
    • Theme: Open Innovation and Technology Commercialization
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Hyejae Jung; Eungdo Kim*): How to overcome uncertainty? : Impact of firm-level uncertainty on firm’s alliance portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry
      • 2. (Seungmin Kim; Eungdo Kim*): How innovation capacities affect firm performance in pharmaceutical industry: Focus on capability-based framework for open innovation
      • 3. (Eungdo Kim; He SoungAhn*): How to choose the ideal date mate? Differences in the antecedents of successful vs. failed strategic alliances
      • 4. (Eun-Sik Oh; Seung-KyuEom; Tae-Eung Sung*): Sales Estimation Methods for New Start-ups and Going Concerns in Deep Learning-based Intelligent Technology Valuation Systems
      • 5. (Jae-Sik Lee; Tae-Eung Sung*): How to Determine Qualitative Evaluation Factors in Deep Learning-based Technology Valuation Models for IP Fast Guarantee?
      • 6. (Min-Seung Kim; Tae-Eung Sung*): Development of Prediction Models for the Number of Asthma Treatment Cases according to the Weather Change and the Atmospheric Environment Change

    Special Session 16.

    • Chair: Haiyan Yan(Shanghai Univ. of International Business and Economics, China)
    • Theme: Technology, Innovation and Collaborative Governance
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Xiaoyi Ding, Haiyan Yan*, Haonan Qu , Xinyue Yan): A comparison of Technology Capabilities of the Countries along the Belt and Road: Technical Complexity Metrics of Country-Product and Policy Implications
      • 2. (Zhenping Zhang, Haiyan Yan*, Jiayin Qi, Enzo Boniva): Chinese Entrepreneurs' View of Innovation: a Case Study of Hot Essays on Zhisland
      • 3. (Linlin Wang, Haiyan Yan*, Xinyue Yan, Qiongbo Zhai): Enhancing the Open Innovation Ecosystem of Higher Education: A System Analysis and Case Study of Shanghai Zizhu International Education Park
      • 4. (Haiyan Yan, Lingyun Zhan, Haonan Qu*, Xinyue Yan): Comparative Study of Innovation Policies to Foster the Development of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center
      • 5. (Linlin Wang, Enzo Bovina, Haiyan Yan*, Jiayin Qi): System Analysis and modeling of the collaborative governance in post-disaster construction

    Special Session 17.

    • Chair: Sang Ok Choi (Korea University, Korea)
    • Theme: Innovation Performance
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Dae-geon Kim, Seung-hooJin, Si-Jeoung Kim, Sang-ok Choi(Corr.)): Study of the Factors of Convergence Technology Innovation Performance
      • 2. (Si-jeoung Kim, Dae-geon Kim, Sang-ok Choi(Corr.)): Empirical Research on the Affecting Factors of Innovation Performance by Korean Service-Sector Enterprises
      • 3. (Si-jeoung Kim, Sang-ok Choi(Corr.)): The Longitudinal Relationship between Technological Innovation Orientation and Performance Using Autoregressive Crosslagged Modeling
      • 4. (Jae-seong Kim, Sang-ok Choi(Corr.)): A Comparative Analysis on the Structure of Corporate R&D Capability and Performance : Focused on Manufacturing and Service Industry in Korea
      • 5. (Jae-seong Kim, Sang-ok Choi(Corr.)): The Effect of Human Resources Development System on Organizational Innovation>

    Special Session 18.

    • Chair: Ben Zhang(Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China)
    • Theme: Knowledge Transfer and Convergence Identification with Intellectual Property Strategy
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(Chengxu Ming): Construction and Application of Enterprise Technology Innovation Risk Early-Warning System Based on Patent Mining
      • 2. (Chengxu Ming): The Risk of Copyrights and Personality Rights Brought by DeepFakes: An AI Technology to Change One's Face into Others in Video Clips
      • 3. (Yakun Ji): A Method to Identify and Evaluate Emerging Topics in Complex Technology: A Case Study in AI Technology
      • 4. (Ben Zhang): Collaborative Innovation Network Structure Driven by Similar Technology Domains: Evidence from Blockchain Patent Information

    Special Session 19.

    • Chairs: Junghyun Yoon(Yeungnam University, Korea) & Sanghyun Sung(POSTECH, Korea)
    • Theme: The Roles of HR, Organizational Capabilities, and Open Innovation in the 4th Industrial Revolution
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Dongwoo Ryu, Sanghyun Sung &Junghyun Yoon): Building Human Side of Openness through High-commitment HRM Systems toward Ambidextrous Innovation
      • 2. (Sanghyun Sung, SeHwanYoo, Junghyun Yoon): Open Innovation and Performance of Tech-based Companies: Based on Machine Learning
      • 3. (Daesu Kim, Sanghyun Sung): The Role of Adversity Quotient in Re-startup
      • 4. (ChoongHyun Kim, Jaehoon Rhee, Junghyun Yoon): The Effect of Customer Discovery Program on the Entrepreneurial Education
      • 5. (Junghyun Yoon, Hwang Seonghun, Dongwoo Ryu): The Role of Open Innovation in Improving Organizational Performance: Based on Tech-based SMEs
      • 6. (In Jun, Sung Yunji, Junghyun Yoon): Exploring Social Economy in South Korea: Open Innovation and Policies

    Special Session 20.

    • Chair: Jong-In Choi(Hanbat National University, Korea)
    • Theme: Innovation, Entrepeneurship and Sustaiability
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Choi, Jong-in): University Entrepreneurship Education : Performance and direction
      • 2. (Lee, Woncheul and Choi, Jong-in): Social value and Sustaiability Management
      • 3. (Kwon, Kihwan and Choi, Jong-in): Entrepreneurial orientation and Prerformance
      • 4. (Xiaofei Zhao, Jinhyo Joseph Yun(corr.)): Diveristy of Open Innovation Culture according to NIS

    Special Session 21.

    • Chair: Dongwook Kim(Seoul National Univeristy, Korea)
    • Theme: Digital transformation and innovation in the public sector
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Seok-JinEom, Hanchan Hwang & Jun Houng Kim): E-petition and citizen engagement in turbulence: a case of e-petition on the Blue House website in Korea
      • 2. (Choong-Sik Chung & Sung-Bou Kim): A Comparative Study of National Information Policy in Northeast Asian Countries - Focusing on the national digital strategy of Korea, China and Japan
      • 3. (Wookjoon Sung &Changil Kim): A Study on Government Innovation and Change Management in the Age of Digital Transition
      • 4. (Dongwook Kim, Seungyun Shin &Youngmin Cho): The determinants of Local government Informatizationbudet -focusing on the digital innovation capability of local government
      • 5. (Hanbyul Choi &Gilpyo Hong): An Empirical Study on the Local Informatization using Semantic Analysis

    Special Session 22.

    • Chair: Weian Li(Nankai University & Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China)
    • Theme: Green Governance
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Zhenjie Liu, Weian Li and Chen Hao): Corporate Environmental Social Responsibility and Financing Constraints
      • 2. (Xiaolin Li and Weian Li): Family control, political connection and corporate green governance
      • 3.(Weian Li; Minna Zheng; Guangyao Cui): Green Credit Policy and Corporate Debt Financing
      • 4.(Zaiyang Xie; Runhui Lin; Yuan Gui, Lun Wang): Enhancing firm's innovation development in respond to the change in environmental regulation - Evidence from OECD countries
      • 5. (Lujun Qi; Lixiang Wang; Weian Li): Do listed companies pay to be green? Evidence from Chinese green bond market
      • 6. (Weian Li; Yupei Liu): Socially responsible funds, corporate greenwashing and disclosure quality

    Special Session 23.

    • Chairs: Chang-Soo Sung (Dongguk University, Korea) & Joon Yeon Park(Murdoch University, Australia)
    • Theme: Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Park, J. Y.): DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Exploring the implications for entrepreneurial processes and outcomes
      • 2. (Park, J. Y.):The “dark side” of social media in venture creation
      • 3. (Sung, C.S.): Does Entrepreneurship Education really work? The Meta-analysis of 10 years of Entrepreneurship Education
      • 4. (Lee, K, S.): The effect of emotional resilience on venture growth: focusing on serial entrepreneurs
      • 5. (Kim, Y.S., Sung, C.S.): The role of bricolage and nascent entrepreneurship

    Special Session 24.

    • Chair: Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University)
    • Theme: Industry innovation ecosystem design and strategic development
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(Min-Ren Yan, Kuo-Ming Chien):New science parks and high technology industry cluster development strategy based on open innovation ecosystem service framework
      • 2. (Min-Ren Yan): Collaborative innovation ecosystem and strategies to entrepreneurial business developments in Asia Pacific economy
      • 3. (Min-Ren Yan, Chris Lee, Fang-Yu Yan): Blockchain-based FinTech innovation ecosystem
      • 4. (Min-Ren Yan, Fang-Chi Wu): Open Innovation Platform for University-Industry Entrepreneurship education, innovation, and development
      • 5. (Min-Ren Yan, Yi-Ching Lin): University-industry innovation ecosystem for Tourism and Marine industries

    Special Session 25.

    • Chair: Junic Kim(KonKuk University, Korea)
    • Theme: Open Innovation and Strategic Competitiveness
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Eun-hwa Seo & Kwangsoo Kim): Effects of industry dynamism and business strategy on innovation and innovation performance: A mediating role of absorptive capacity
      • 2. (Chooyeon Kim, Jihong Kim &  Jaewook Yoo): A Study on the Fit between Innovation Strategies and Country-Specific Ownership and Control Structures : Focusing on Ambidextrous Innovation Strategy and the Ownership and Control Structures in Korean Manufacturing Firms
      • 3. (Eunhwa Lee & Jaewook Yoo): Analysis on the moderating effect of interaction between user innovation and absorptive capacity on the relationship between owner managers ownership ratio and innovation performance
      • 4. (Yuhan Liu, Eunhwa Lee & Jaewook Yoo): Analysis of the Effect of Ownership Structure on the Relationship between Government Subsidies and R & D Investments. - in China high-tech enterprises
      • 5. (Junic Kim): Blockchain Transformation: new innovation of platform economy

    Special Session 26.

    • Chair: Min-Ren Yan-2(Chinese Culture University)
    • Theme: Measuring business excellence and case studies for sustainability
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(Min-Ren Yan, Gina Lu, James Hsu): Strategy dynamics business model and open innovation in the finance market
      • 2. (Min-Ren Yan, Fang-Chi Wu): Open market entry strategies with technology-enable product innovation
      • 3.(Sung-Lim Hsueh, Yue Sun, Min-Ren Yan): Conceptualization and Development of a DFuzzy Model for Low-Carbon Ecocities and open innovation system
      • 4.(Sung-Lin Hsueh, Jenny Liu, Min-Ren Yan): Multiattribute Decision Evaluation Model for Cultural and Creative Product Design Based on Resource Reuse
      • 5.(Min-Ren Yan, Shubo Liu, Heather Webb): Sectoral system innovations in UK and Indian from the perspectives of technology and market

    Special Session 27.

    • Chairs: Eui-Seob Jeong(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea) & JungTae Hwang(Hallym University, Korea)
    • Theme: Patent Analysis and Open Innovation
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Hyunkyoo CHOI, Hakmoon BYUN, HyoJeong Choe, EuiSeob Jeong*): Comparison of South and North Korean Industrial Structures through Patent Analysis
      • 2. (Jungtae HWANG, Jooyoung OK, Krzysztof PAWELEC, ByungKeun KIM): Backward and forward citations and their implications on patent values
      • 3. (EuiSeob Jeong*,  Jungtae HWANG, IlYoung JI, Jooyoung OK, ByungKeun KIM): Entrepreneurship and Regional Economy in Korea
      • 4. (Bong-Gyeol Choi, EuiSeob Jeong*, Sang-Woo Kim, KyoungJoon PI, YeongHwan Jang): Multi-Security System for Identification Information of Healthcare-based Convergence IoMT Devices
      • 5. (EuiSeob Jeong*, YoungIl Jeong, TaeJoon Park,  ByungToo LEE,  EunYoung KIM): Patent Analysis and Open Innovation – IoT

    Special Session 28.

    • Chairs: Jinxi Wu(Tsinghua University, China), Shi Lei(Tsinghua University, China), Wang Jiang(Tsinghua University, China)
    • Theme: Innovation Ecosystem for Sustainable Development in China
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Lei Shi*, Lei Cheng):Innovation Ecosystem Contributing to Industrial Ecosystems: Insights from Some Cases
      • 2. (Lei Shi*,Wei Cong): Best Available Technology Screening and Evaluation: Innovation Ecosystem Perspective
      • 3. (Jiang Wang, Lijuan Wang): The Rebound Effect and Technical Learning Curves of Total Energy-environmental Assessment in Manufacturing Industry
      • 4. (Jinxi Wu, Hui Zhao): Key Challenges in the Development of Low-carbon Industry in China
      • 5. (Jinxi Wu, Xu Bai): How Can Beijing Become a Centre of Innovation in the World: Experiences and Challenges?

    Special Session 29.

    • Chairs: Park HangSik(Eulji University, Korea)&JungHee Han(HongIk University, Korea)
    • Theme: Beyond Innovation, Beyond Smart City
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(Park HangSik): The Influence of Digital Native Media Utilization and Network Homogeneity on Creative Expressiveness in an Open Innovation Paradigm
      • 2.(Heeyoung Jang and Junghee Han): Patents and market values; Case of South Korea
      • 3.(Hyeukchung): Design-Driven Innovation for developing a sustainable Smart city
      • 4. (Ji-in Jang): Inclusive Planning in the smart city : case study of sejong city Korea

    Special Session 30.

    • Chair: Byung Keun Kim(Korea University of Technology & Education)
    • Theme: Entrepreneurship and technology based firms
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(Byung-Keun Kim, Song, Eun Jae): Determining factors of the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition
      • 2.(Kim, Hun Yul, Byung-Keun Kim): Ecosystem-based Business Model Innovation Strategy: A Case Study in Delivery Service
      • 3. (Dochul Chung, Byung-Keun Kim): Strategic orientation, intellectual capital, innovation activity and management performance
      • 4.( Byung-Keun Kim, Chang-Hwan Bae, Ho-Yeol Yoon): The dominant Factors affecting the Performance of Technology-based Start-ups in Korea
      • 5.(Jong Suk Park, Byung-Keun Kim,Hyeon-Yeong Jang): The effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation, organizational culture, Techno-Park support on the technology based firms’ performance

    Special Session 31.

    • Chair: Sang-Don Lee(EwhaWomans University, Korea)
    • Theme: Climate change and enhancement of public awareness toward industry
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Seoyoung Lee): Managing Conflicts Among Decision Makers with the Virtual Reality: A case study in the context of public hearing
      • 2. (Sangdon Lee and Jiyoung Choi): Ecosystem service in the Incheon Free Economic zone using InVEST model
      • 3. (Sangdon Lee and Jiyoung Choi): Biodiversity and carbon sequestration analysis in the Incheon Free Economic zone
      • 4. (Sangdon Lee and Hyomin Park): Assessment of roadkill hotspot zone with Nearest Neighbor Method in the Korean Express highways
      • 5. (Sangdon Lee and Sojung Lee): Phenological change in response to climate change in the Korean peninsula

    Special Session 32.

    • Chairs: Dong-Hoon Oh (The University of Seoul, Korea)& Sun Young Park(Konkuk University, Korea)
    • Theme: Stories about the Korean Innovation Companies from Start-ups and Ventures to Medium-large Enterprises
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Jun-Young An, Sun-Young Park*, Kyung-Ah Kim): The Characteristics of the Early Stages of Medium-Large Enterprises: Recent 5-Year Changes for Technology Innovation Activities
      • 2. (Soo-hyun Park, Sun-Young Park*, Ren ZongChang, AssemRakhimova): The Comparative Start-up Studies on the Blockchain-based Sharing Economy Model between Korea and China
      • 3. (Minseo Kim, Dong-Hoon Oh*, Sun-Young Park): The Statistical Model Development for the High-Potential Enterprises(HPEs)'s Growth Strategy: Using Meta-Analysis
      • 4. (Hyun-ji Kim, Dong-Hoon Oh*, Sun-Young Park): The Multivariate Performance Analysis of Government Support Public Policy for Korea SMEs: Insights from the Statistical Simulation
      • 5. (Kyung-Uk Min, Sun-Young Park*): Why Korean Kosdaq Companies Has Been Failed: Learning from the 15-year period in Korea

    Special Session 33.

    • Chairs: DooSeok Lee (DGIST, Korea) & HeungJu Ahn(DGIST, Korea)
    • Theme: Transdisciplinary research and education in deep-net age
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (DooSeok Lee, HeungjuAhn): Finding solutions of PDEs using meta deep learning
      • 2. (DooSeok Lee): Development of courses for the integrative studies
      • 3. (Saimi Woo & Junwon Chae): A study on the transformation of Industrial structure with women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM)

    Special Session 34.

    • Chairs: Valentina Della Corte(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy) & Giovanna Del Gaudio(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy)
    • Theme: Open Innovation in the Tourism Sector
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1.(Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Enrico Di Taranto): Open innovation in the Italian Hotel Industry
      • 2. (Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Enrico Di Taranto): Patterns of open innovation in the restaurant industry
      • 3.(Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Fabiana Sepe): Entrepreneurial traits and open innovation. The case of agri-food sector
      • 4.(Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Giuliana Nevola): Open innovation in the educational approach. The case of degree course in Hospitality Management.
      • 5.(Valentina Della Corte, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Fabiana Sepe): Towards open innovation framework for museums. 

    Special Session 35.

    • Chair: DaeCheol Kim(Hanyang University, Korea)
    • Theme: Efficiency Issues in R&D and Supply Chain
    • Paper Lists:
      • 1. (Sungyong Choi): Considering emission reduction coordination in a two-echelon supply chain
      • 2.(Tae Youn Kim; Daecheol Kim): The effects of Incentive on R&D Performances
      • 3. (Eun Song Bae; Hyun Dong Nam; Moon Sang Kang): Efficiency Analysis of R&D 100 Award in Korea
      • 4. (Minjung Oh): A Study on the Effect of Personal Competence of Team Member on the Project Success
      • 5 .(Eun Song Bae; Meehyang Chang; Daecheol Kim): The Effect of Integrated Resort on Tourism in Korea

    Special Session 36.(Non-Confirmed)

    • Open to Non-Korean special session until November 30th, 2019
    • Chair:
    • Theme:
    • Paper Lists: