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General Session 1.

  • Chair: Min-Ren Yan(Chinese Culture University)
  • Theme: Industry innovation ecosystem design and strategic development
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1.(Min-Ren Yan, Kuo-Ming Chien):New science parks and high technology industry cluster development strategy based on open innovation ecosystem service framework
    • 2. (Min-Ren Yan): Collaborative innovation ecosystem and strategies to entrepreneurial business developments in Asia Pacific economy
    • 3. (Min-Ren Yan, Chris Lee, Fang-Yu Yan): Blockchain-based FinTech innovation ecosystem
    • 4. (Min-Ren Yan, Fang-Chi Wu): Open Innovation Platform for University-Industry Entrepreneurship education, innovation, and development
    • 5. (Min-Ren Yan, Yi-Ching Lin): University-industry innovation ecosystem for Tourism and Marine industries

General Session 2.

  • Chair: Yung-Heng Lee(Chinese Culture University)
  • Theme: Measuring business excellence and case studies for sustainability
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1.(Min-Ren Yan, Gina Lu, James Hsu): Strategy dynamics business model and open innovation in the finance market
    • 2. (Min-Ren Yan, Fang-Chi Wu): Open market entry strategies with technology-enable product innovation
    • 3.(Sung-Lim Hsueh, Yue Sun, Min-Ren Yan): Conceptualization and Development of a DFuzzy Model for Low-Carbon Ecocities and open innovation system
    • 4.(Sung-Lin Hsueh, Jenny Liu, Min-Ren Yan): Multiattribute Decision Evaluation Model for Cultural and Creative Product Design Based on Resource Reuse
    • 5.(Min-Ren Yan, Shubo Liu, Heather Webb): Sectoral system innovations in UK and Indian from the perspectives of technology and market

General Session 3.

  • Chairs: Eui-Seob Jeong(Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea) & JungTae Hwang(Hallym University, Korea)
  • Theme: Patent Analysis and Open Innovation
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Hyunkyoo CHOI, Hakmoon BYUN, HyoJeong Choe, EuiSeob Jeong*): Comparison of South and North Korean Industrial Structures through Patent Analysis
    • 2. (Jungtae HWANG, Jooyoung OK, Krzysztof PAWELEC, ByungKeun KIM): Backward and forward citations and their implications on patent values
    • 3. (EuiSeob Jeong*,  Jungtae HWANG, IlYoung JI, Jooyoung OK, ByungKeun KIM): Entrepreneurship and Regional Economy in Korea
    • 4. (Bong-Gyeol Choi, EuiSeob Jeong*, Sang-Woo Kim, KyoungJoon PI, YeongHwan Jang): Multi-Security System for Identification Information of Healthcare-based Convergence IoMT Devices
    • 5. (EuiSeob Jeong*, YoungIl Jeong, TaeJoon Park,  ByungToo LEE,  EunYoung KIM): Patent Analysis and Open Innovation – IoT

General Session 4.

  • Chairs: Jinxi Wu(Tsinghua University, China), Shi Lei(Tsinghua University, China), Wang Jiang(Tsinghua University, China)
  • Theme: Innovation Ecosystem for Sustainable Development in China
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Lei Shi*, Lei Cheng):Innovation Ecosystem Contributing to Industrial Ecosystems: Insights from Some Cases
    • 2. (Lei Shi*,Wei Cong): Best Available Technology Screening and Evaluation: Innovation Ecosystem Perspective
    • 3. (Jiang Wang, Lijuan Wang): The Rebound Effect and Technical Learning Curves of Total Energy-environmental Assessment in Manufacturing Industry
    • 4. (Jinxi Wu, Hui Zhao): Key Challenges in the Development of Low-carbon Industry in China
    • 5. (Jinxi Wu, Xu Bai): How Can Beijing Become a Centre of Innovation in the World: Experiences and Challenges?

General Session 5.

  • Chair: Byung Keun Kim(Korea University of Technology & Education)
  • Theme: Entrepreneurship and technology based firms
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1.(Byung-Keun Kim, Song, Eun Jae): Determining factors of the Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition
    • 2.(Kim, Hun Yul, Byung-Keun Kim): Ecosystem-based Business Model Innovation Strategy: A Case Study in Delivery Service
    • 3. (Dochul Chung, Byung-Keun Kim): Strategic orientation, intellectual capital, innovation activity and management performance
    • 4.( Byung-Keun Kim, Chang-Hwan Bae, Ho-Yeol Yoon): The dominant Factors affecting the Performance of Technology-based Start-ups in Korea
    • 5.(Jong Suk Park, Byung-Keun Kim,Hyeon-Yeong Jang): The effects of Entrepreneurial Orientation, organizational culture, Techno-Park support on the technology based firms’ performance