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Route Option 1(Abroad→Seoul/Incheon International Airport→Daegu→DGIST)

E.g. Nanjing(NKG) →Seoul/Incheon(ICN)→ Daegu → DGIST

1) Seoul/Incheon(ICN) → E.g. Nanjing(NKG)

2) Seoul/Incheon International Airport→Daegu(DongDaegu Or DaeguEast station)

Due to the COVID-19, nowadays from Seoul/Incheon International Airport→Gwangmyung station by airport bus is not available, so if you want to take the train from Seoul to Daegu, then Seoul/Incheon International Airport→Seoul Station(KTX) by taxi;

*Seoul Station → Dongdaegu by train(KTX or SRT). The earliest train starts from 05:05, the latest train is until 23:00.

3) Daegu(DongDaegu Or DaeguEast station) →DGIST(By subway+bus or by taxi)

DongDaegu Or DaeguEast station is a subway station of Daegu Subway Line 1.

*Daegu Subway map is as the following.

Reference: DGIST Shuttle Bus, Please check at