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Special Session 1. TOURISM sector and Open Innovation and Open Business Model

  • Chair: Valentina Della Corte(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (V. Della Corte, E. Di Taranto, S. Luongo, E. Napolano): Exploiting open innovation for improving the concept of quality in the hospitality industry
    • 2. (V. Della Corte, E. Di Taranto, S. Luongo): Open innovation for smart tourism destination. Managerial perspective and implications
    • 3. (V. Della Corte, V. Moscato, A. Botta, G. Del Gaudio, F. Sepe, A. Galli): Aspect‐based sentiment analysis in the cultural heritage: the case of “Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte”
    • 4. (V. Della Corte, F. Sepe, A. Prisco): Managing and innovating business models in Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs): the role of social robots
    • 5. (V. Della Corte, S. D’Ovidio, G. Del Gaudio, F.Sepe, E. Napolano): Thematic experiences: 800 anni

Special Session 2. FOOD Industry and Open Innovation

  • Chair: FABIANA SEPE(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (F. Sepe*, G. Del Gaudio): Open innovation and systemic collaboration in the agri-food sector
    • 2. (Valentina Della corte*, Fabiana Sepe, Anna Prisco): Managing and innovating business models in Social Purpose Organizations (SPOs): the role of social robots.
    • 3. (Fabiana Sepe*, Simone Luongo): Process framework for innovation through tradition: the case of La Torrente 
    • 4. (V. Della Corte, Kanwal Gul, F.Sepe, Enrico Di Taranto): Photovoice technique to measure Food Waste Consciousness. A comparative analysis among Italian and Pakistani Students
    • 5. (Anna Prisco*, Fabiana Sepe, Enrico Di Taranto, Mario Tani): Circular economy and open innovation: a systematic literature review

Special Session 3. DIGITALIZATION for Open Innovation after Pandemic for the Recovery of World Economy

  • Chair: Giovanna Del Gaudio(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Simone Luongo, Vincenzo Basile*, Nunzia Capobianco): Open Innovation and blockchain technologies: exploring implications in fashion industry
    • 2. (Giovanna Del Gaudio, I. Quinto): Open innovation in the University ecosystem
    • 3. (V. della Corte, G. Del Gaudio, Anna Crisci): Open innovation and digitalization at service of senior citizens
    • 4. (Valentina Della Corte*, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Roberto Vona): Open innovation in sport event management
    • 5. (Valentina Della Corte*, Teresa Del Giudice, Giovanna Del Gaudio): Ecosystem innovation in rural areas

Special Session 4. SUSTAINABILITY & Open Innovation

  • Chair: ENRICO DI TARNTO(University of Naples Federico Ⅱ, Italy)
    • 1. (O. Meglio, Giovanna Del Gaudio): Open Innovation in tourism reserach: a literature review and research agenda
    • 2. (M. Tani, V. Muto): Waiting title
    • 3. (Giovanna Del Gaudio*, Fabiana Sepe, Enrico Di Taranto, Alessio Piras): Open innovation and sustainability: the role of the network
    • 4. (Marialuisa Marzullo*, Irene Di Bernardo, Angelo Ranieri): Smart services in the era of open innovation: a systematic literature review

Special Session 5. Business Model Open Innovation and Capitalistic Economy after Pandemic

  • Chair: JinHyo Joseph Yun(DGIST & SNU, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Xiaofei Zhao**, Giovanna Del Gaudio, Valentina Della Corte, Yuri Sadoi, OOO): Sustainable Business Model Innovation in Digital Transformation  - Finding From the Open Innovation Dynamics of long living Restaurants in Naples, and Daegu
    • 2. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Xiaofei Zhao, Valentina Della Corte**, Giovanna Del Gaudio): Sustainability of Capitalism-Finding evidence from the Mediterranean cities, such as Milano, Naples, Lisbon and others
    • 3. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Xiaofei Zhao, Bo Yang, Zheng Liu): Converted New Industry, The way to Creative Destruction
    • 4. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Xiaofei Zhao, BongHwan Kim**, Joonggi Ahn, Euiseob Jeong): Finding the signal of open innovation in financial data
    • 5. (JinHyo Joseph Yun*, Xiaofei Zhao, Heungju Ahn, KyungBae Park, (Euiseob Jeong)): Nudge to match between technology and market in open innovation dynamics

Special Session 6. Green Governance

  • Chair: Weian Li(Nankai University & Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Weian Li, Tiantian Cao): Political-Economic Factional Faultlines in State-Owned Enterprises, Social Responsibility and Financial Performance
    • 2. (Xianan Li): Do Powerful CEOs Aggravate the Corporate Fraud of Listed Companies?
    • 3. (Weian Li, Xingye Chen): Are Female Directors Helping Listed Companies Revive Financial Performance During the COVID-19 Outbreak?
    • 4. (Runhui Lin, Ze Ji): New collaborators entry, network embedding and focal inventor’s innovation impact:: Take Huawei's Patent Data as an Example
    • 5. (Runhui Lin, Wenchang Li, Lun Wang): Blockchain-enabled collaboration among enterprise-related agents: progress, framework and prospect
    • 6. (Lun Wang, Runhui Lin): Degree Assortativity in Collaboration Networks and Breakthrough Innovation
    • 7. (Ruihui Lin, Biting Li, Yanhong Lu, Yalin Li): Degree assortativity in collaboration networks and breakthrough innovations: the moderating role of knowledge networks

Special Session 7. Platform innovation and digitalisation

  • Chairs: Lei Ma(Nanjing Univ. of Science and Technology, China) & Zheng Liu(Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Tao Li, Zheng Liu, Lei Ma, Kaitong Liang, Chaonan Yi): Punishing or ignoring: An evolutionary game of open source group interests based on license types
    • 2. (Chaonan Yi, Zheng Liu, Lei Ma, Kaitong Liang): A study on the knowledge flow and transformation mechanism of open source platform based on SECI model 
    • 3. (Baoqing Zhu): The impact of knowledge flow on the collaborative performance of agents in the innovation ecosystem 
    • 4. (Jie Gao, Lei Ma, Zhizhong Ding, Dandan He): Technology empowerment: Research on the service supply model based on the intelligent elderly care platform
    • 5. (Xinying Xiao, Qingqing Yang, Lei Ma, Zheng Liu): Research on Improving the service capacity of migrant workers in cities based on digital platforms: from the perspective of grid governance

Special Session 8. Innovation and Business Models in Emerging Economies

  • Chairs: Elina Gaile-Sarkane(Riga Technical University) & Inga Lapina(Riga Technical University)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Mikus Dubickis & Agnese Zariņa): Factors Affecting Knowledge Transfer in Manufacturing Companies: Method for Readiness Self-Assessment
    • 2. (Tatjana Ņikitina & Inga Lapiņa): Contemporary Approach to Business Education Enhancement: Agile Tools for System Evaluation
    • 3. (Aija Medne & Inga Lapiņa & Artūrs Zeps): Systemic and Data-driven Decision Making in University: Indicators for Strategy Evaluation
    • 4. (Elmars Kehris & Elina Gaile-Sarkane): Green Deal Effect and Baltic Region Energy Sector – Transition Towards Sustainable Economic Model
    • 5. (Anita Lice, Inga Lapina, Elina Gaile-Sarkane, Liga Kamola, Nenad Zrnic): Building an Ecosystem for 21st Century Higher Education in STEM: Councils of Stakeholders and Skills Frameworks

Special Session 9. Innovation Diversity for Emerging Economies

  • Chairs: Natalja Lace(Riga Technical University, Latvia), Karine Oganisjana(Riga Technical University, Latvia) & Yuanyuan Liu(Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Justina HUDENKO*, Igors KUKJANS, Ieva KUSTOVA): Strategies for the state interventions to promote infrastructure sustainability
    • 2. (Yuan Yuan LIU*, Natalja LACE, Konstantins Kozlovskis, Lu Lu CHEN): Big Data analytics predicting Chinese tourists intentions to choose Latvia as a tourism destination to visit
    • 3. (Yuan Yuan LIU*, Natalja LACE, Konstantins Kozlovskis, Lu Lu CHEN): Technological acceptance modelling for promoting tourism destinations with METAVERSE 
    • 4. (Angelina ROSA, Natalja LACE): Assessing progress towards decent work in companies using framework indicators and considering regional trends in Latvia
    • 5. (Andrejs CIRJEVSKIS): Measuring MNE's Collaborative Synergies from Sequential Acquisitions of International Ventures by Advanced Real Options 
    • 6. (Karine OGANISJANA, Natalja LACE, Iveta POKROMOVICA, Konstantins KOZLOVSKIS): Nine-path concurrent analysis of factors that impact crisis resilience of companies

Special Session 10. The open innovation mechanism in a future perspective

  • Chair: Ben Zhang(Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Ben Zhang): Disruptive technology identification based on the open innovation network
    • 2. (Chenxu Ming):  patent portfolio value analysis based on intuitionistic fuzzy sets: An empirical analysis of Chinese artificial intelligence healthcare enterprises
    • 3. (Runzhe Zhang): Forecasting Technological Trends of Enterprises in the Field of Self-Driving Vehicles: Based on Graph Neural Network and Patent Data 
    • 4. (Hua Wang): Enterprise patent strategy for the open innovation system of industry: A patent road-map analysis of SiC semiconductor material
    • 5. (Yakun Ji): Promoting Industrial Upgrading with Artificial Intelligence Technology - A Survey from China Based on the Perspective of Patent Network

Special Session 11. Open Innovation & HRM

  • Chair: Yuri Sadoi(Meijo University, Japan)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Lih Ren Li, Kuanju Lin, Cheng Wu. And Yuri Sadoi): Regional alliances and geoeconomic factors in the semiconductor industry
    • 2. (Sergei Shaposhinikov and Yuri Sadoi): Measures and practices for digital transformation in Japan
    • 3. (Win Zaw and Yuri Sadoi): Human Resource Development in IT industry in Myanmar - Its challenge and practices
    • 4. (Than Than Aung and Yuri Sadoi): Challenges and Opportunities in Human Resource Development of Myanmar Engineers Working in Japan-
    • 5. (Nguyen Manh Quan, Nguyen Trong Hieu, and Yuri Sadoi): Challenges and measures for the human resource development of Vietnamese engineers - how their work experience in Japan can be utilized

Special Session 12. Challenges and New Perspectives of Business, Technology and Management

  • Chair: Deniss Ščeulovs(Riga Technical University, Latvia), Viktorija Babiča(Riga Technical University, Latvia), Linda Saulīte(Riga Technical University, Latvia)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Artūrs Bernovskis): Impact of Meaningful Gamification on Company Culture
    • 2. (Linda Saulīte, Deniss Ščeulovs): Importance of News Media Branding in a Contemporary Media Environment
    • 3. (Viktorija Babiča, Deniss Ščeulovs): Indicators of Successful Digital Business Transformation: Assessment Matrix
    • 4. (Toms Kreicbergs): Challenges with Creating a Masculine Brand Personality: Quantitative Research on Masculinity in Advertising
    • 5. (Deniss Ščeulovs, Dace Vanaga, Ilja Afanasjevs): Artificial Intelligence Application for Business Needs: Challenges and Opportunities

Special Session 13. Digitally innovative and socially inclusive

  • Chair: Taesun Kim(HanYang University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (JINGZE PIAO, Taesun Kim): Comparative analysis of user experience with mobile Food delivery applications focused on BaeMin, Panda and Meituan
    • 2. (HONGYUAN ZHAO, Taesun Kim): Innovative Design Management in companies
    • 3. (Youna Choi, Eunbi Hwa, Taesun Kim): Design for justice based on insights from B corporations in Korea with ESG performance perspectives
    • 4. (Duanduan Liu, Taesun Kim): Older adults' risks while walking through their residential areas in winter
    • 5. (Taesun Kim, Myungji Kang): Routinized design exclusion focusing on the characteristics of stairs 

Special Session 14. Regional Development, and Open Innovation

  • Chair: DaeCheol Kim(Hanyang University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Eun Song Bae, Tae Youn Kim, Daecheol Kim*): Servitization of Regional Clusters for Regional Development
    • 2. (Byung Yong Hwang*, Sung Hun Park , Na Rae Lee, Tae Youn Kim): The Effect of R&D Management Competency on Researchers’ Satisfaction from the Perspective of Open Innovation
    • 3. (Meehyang Chang): Quality Classification for Food Subscription Service
    • 4. (Tae Youn Kim, Daecheol Kim*): Open Tourism for Regional Development
    • 5. (Yun Gi Hwang, Daecheol Kim): Bundled-Payment for Healthcare
    • 6. (Hanbyeol Jang, Daecheol Kim): Government Support Projects for Smart Factory

Special Session 15. Open Innovation and Business Model in Biomedical Industry

  • Chairs: Kwangsoo Shin(The Catholic University of Korea, Korea) & Harry Jeong (Central Research Institute of Dr.Chung's Food, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Seunghyun Kim; Changhyeon Song; Harry Jeong; Kwangsoo Shin*): How does ESG meet value creation to the firm: A case of Korean medical device industry
    • 2. (Harry Jeong; Seunghyun Kim; Changhyeon Song; Kwangsoo Shin*): What makes ESG management boost firms' value up? - Focusing on US pharmaceutical firms
    • 3. (Changhyeon Song; Harry Jeong; Seunghyun Kim; Kwangsoo Shin*): Windows of opportunity to catch-up in the biopharmaceutical industry: Lessons from the case of Korea
    • 4. (HeaJoo Wang; Changhyeon Song; Kwangsoo Shin*): Knowing who you and I are, open innovation goes to succeed: A case of the Korean biopharmaceutical industry
    • 5. (Dongwoo Kim; Kwangsoo Shin*): Holistic innovation in the medical device: A case from cochlea implant
    • 6. (Harry Jeong; Beom Mo Gu; Kwangsoo Shin*): Biomedical innovation strategy for catching-up with leading companies: A case of pre-clinical test industry
    • 7. (Changhyeon Song, Harry Jeong, Seunghyun Kim, Kwangsoo Shin*): Windows of opportunity to catch-up in the biopharmaceutical industry: Lessons from the case of Korea

Special Session 16. Gendered Innovation and Cross Cutting Issues in Science and Technology Governance

  • Chair: Hyomin Kim(Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST))
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Hyomin Kim): Gendering of engineering identities in Korea: Impact of age and academic prestige
    • 2. (Saimi WOO): The practical strategis of science, technology and innovation for local government
    • 3. (Hyejin Kim): Gendered and inclusive innovation: concepts and practices
    • 4. (Eunmi Choi): Gendered and inclusive innovation: regulatory frameworks for R&D

Special Session 17. Valuation Methodologies for Sustainable Growth of Firms

  • Chair: Hun Park(KISTI, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Hun Park, Byunghoon Kim, Jongtaik Lee, Hyunwoo Park): A Novel GAN algorithm and its Application to Technology Valuation
    • 2. (Hun Park, Jongtaik Lee, Hyunwoo Park): A Study on the Automatic Assessment of Patent by using a Language Model
    • 3. (Jongtaik Lee, Hun Park, Hyunwoo Park): An Introduction to Data Valuation

Special Session 18. Innovation & Growth

  • Chairs: Kangwon Lee(Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea) & Seung Hoo Jin(Sumsung SDS, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Daeyu Kim, Seunghoo Jin): The impact of open innovation activities on the innovation outcome : According to the development phases of Small and medium companies.
    • 2. (Seungwon Yu, Jaeseong Kim): Government R&D in the context: A comparison of defense and non-defense
    • 3. (Jaeho Jung, Kangwon Lee) : A Case Study on the Development of Input-Output Tables in the Defense Industry
    • 4. (Daehyun Han): A Longitudinal Analysis of Perception of Genetically Modified Organisms Using Autoregressive Cross Lagged Modeling : A Case Study in Korea
    • 5. (Pham Thanh Nga): Using Artificial Intelligence Application In Teaching and Learning Foreign Language: Facts and Solutions

Special Session 19. Innovative Technology and Entrepreneurship

  • Chairs: DaeSoo Choi(Joongbu University, Korea) & Chang-Soo Sung (Dongguk University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Lee Duckjai): The effect of technology transfer of university patents on entrepreneurship: a meta-analysis
    • 2. (Lee Jong Bum): Exploration of entrepreneure motivation for NFT projects - used the grounded theory method
    • 3. (Park Sol Ip): Analysis of Venture Capitalists' Investment Determining Factors-Focusing on the types of public-private joint investment
    • 4. (Hunsang Kang): The Impact of Entrepreneurs' Digital Business Collaboration Capabilities on Corporate Performance
    • 5. (Goh byeong ki): The Effect of Accelerator Fund Investment on the Management Performance of Startups

Special Session 20. Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology/Knowledge Transfer: The Perspective from Open Innovation

  • Chairs: Junghyun Yoon(Yeungnam University, Korea) & Sanghyun Sung(GyeongSang National University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Yoon, Junghyun and Baek, Kwang Ho): Comparative Study between Korean Regional Innovation System and European Regional Innovation System
    • 2. Lee, Junghee,  Lee, Myeongju, Yu, Soonmi, and Sung, Sanghyun): A bibliometric study on global trends of women entrepreneurship research from 2000-2020
    • 3. (Kim, Daesu, Kim, Yongwoo and Yoon, Junghyun): Cooperative Activities between Big Companies and Small and medium-sized Enterprises, and Technological Transfer
    • 4. (Ryu, Dongwoo, Sung, Sanghyun, and Yoon, Junghyun): Linking entrepreneurial orientation and networking capability to innovation performance: Focuced on digital orientation
    • 5. (Lim, Jitaek, Yoon, Junghyun, and Sung, Sanghyun): Approach to finding appropriate substitute human resources using predictive analytics

Special Session 21. Innovation Strategy in New Global and Digital Era

  • Chair: DongHoon Oh(Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Office of Strategic R&D Planning, Korea)
  • Paper List:
    • 1. (Cheol-Ju Lee, Hyoung Ryul Ma*): Identification of Promising Technology Areas requiring Prior Support from National R&D
    • 2. (Sangjae Pyo, Seung Gun Chung, Hyoung Ryul Ma, Dong Hoon Oh): Towards Sustainable Manufacturing: Understanding the Key Determinants of Pro-environmental Behavior in Manufacturing Firms
    • 3. (Heongu Lee): Digital transformation and knowledge management

Special Session 22. ICT based environmental monitoring and climate change

  • Chair: Sang-Don Lee(Ewha Womans University, Korea)
  • Paper List:
    • 1. (Sangdon Lee and Minkyung Kim): The use of ICT driven assessment methods in ecological characteristics
    • 2. (Minkyung Kim and Sangdon Lee): Identification of emerging road kill hotspots on Korean highways by using space time cubes
    • 3. (Sangdon Lee and Yein Lee): Decision-making process of wetland monitoring system in Korea
    • 4. (Hyomin Park, Seungwoo Soh, and Sangdon Lee): The pattern of habitat use using drone in the riverine ecosystem
    • 5. (Sangdon Lee*, Hongchul Park, Ahmee Jeong, Yein Lee, Seulki Koo, Gimin Woo): Management implication and distribution of endemic species of Korean fir (Abies koreana) according to climate change in the subalpine zone

Special Session 23. Digital Transformation and Global Open Regional Innovation & Pacing Industry, Servitization and Innovation

  • Chairs: Moosup Jung(Dong-A University, Korea) & JungHee Han(HongIk University, Korea)
  • Paper List:
    • 1. (Moosup Jung and A-ra Joe): Chance and Threat of Digital Transformation on Global Open Regional Innovation System(GORIS)
    • 2. (Moosup Jung): Case Analyses of Innovative Start-ups in the Regions of Korea based on GORIS Model
    • 3. (Junghee Han): Public Smart Service Provision in Smart Cities; A case-study on Sejong smarticy in Korea
    • 4. (Junghee Han): Born of new services from empirical study on the process of servitization

Special Session 24. Digital Transformation of Traditional Business

  • Chair: Hee Dong Yang(Ewha Womans University, Korea)
  • Paper list:
    • 1. (Taekyung Kim & JaeHyun Park): Virtual human in real: boundary conditions of anthropomorpic recommendations and user responses
    • 2. (Seonyoung Shim, Sojung Kim, Thomson S.H. Teo and Vivien K.G. Lim): Career Clusters, Career Mobility and Career Success Among IT Professionals in South Korea: A Gender Perspective
    • 3. (Chulmo Koo): Smart Tourism Design: Semiotics view
    • 4. (Woong Park, Kee-Young Kwahk, Kyoung-jae Kim, Hyunchul Ahn): The Heterogeneity Classification and its Impact on the Customer Churn Management
    • 5. (Sulim Kim & Hee-Dong Yang): Visual success factors of influencer marketing

Special Session 25. Entrepreneurship in the era of the 4th industrial revolution & Innovation Management and Platform Research

  • Chairs: SungYong Choi(Hanyang University, Korea) & Junic Kim(KonKuk University, Korea)
  • Paper list:
    • 1. (Byungyun Bae, Sungyong Choi*): Does digital literacy of college students affect their entrepreneurial intentions in the era of the 4th industrial revolution?
    • 2. (Byungyun Bae, Sungyong Choi*): The Effect of Entrepreneurial orientation on Technology Acquisition and Performance: Evidence of Technology Startups in South Korea
    • 3. (Junic Kim): Platform Policy Mix: Expansionary and Contractionary
    • 4. (Meng Hwan and Junic Kim): A new paradigm in e-commerce: a resale platform

Special Session 26. Open Innovation and Knowledge Management

  • Chair: Eungdo Kim(Chungbuk National University, Korea)
  • paper list:
    • 1. (Chungho Na, Eungdo Kim*): Effect of innovation modes based on collaboration activities of external partners on innovation capability
    • 2. (Namjun Cha, Eungdo Kim*): How to switch from groupthink to collective intelligence in organization? The use of emerging technologies by task complexity
    • 3. (Namjun Cha*): The effect of social distance policy on COVID-19 diffusion in terms of the concept of diffusion inertia
    • 4. (Yeon Juhan, Eundgo Kim*): Factors affecting firm's performance in the Korean bio industry- Focusing on technological capability and government certification system
    • 5. (Jaehoon Yang, Eungdo Kim*): Productivity of the Korean Pharmaceutical Industry: Exploring the Effect of Business Model and Open Innovation

Special Session 27. Digital Government Innovation in South Korea-The Center of Intelligent Society and Policy, Seoul National University

  • Chairs: Dongwook Kim(Seoul National Univ., Korea) & Choong-Sik Chung(KyungSung Univ., Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Dongwook Seoh): Evaluating Digital Government Innovation and Its Components: A Data Envelopment Analysis on Multiple Indices
    • 2. (Seung-Yoon Shin & Joowon Jeong): Government openness and citizen participation: The case of South Korea
    • 3. (Choong-sik Chung, Seung-Yoon Shin & Ahra Lee): A Study on the Future Prediction of Smart City in South Korea: Focusing on Concept Definition and Implementation Time Forecasting
    • 4. (Hanchan Hwang & Minsang Yi): Using virtual reality as an innovative service delivery tool
    • 5. (Minsang Yi & Hanbyul Choi): What drives the acceptance of AI technology?: the role of expectations and experiences

Special Session 28. Business Model Competition Session

  • Chair: Juhyun Eune(Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Ahn Chaeyeun): Virtual World Traveling Metaverse Service through Virtual Space that enhances Mobility Experience: Transpace
    • 2. (Kim Eunjin): Companion Animal care Metaverse Service solving ESG issues of Korea: Adorable Pet
    • 3. (Kim Woori): Eco-friendly sanitary pad for women's safe day: Natural Friend
    • 4. (Lee Mingu, Misung Kim, Jihyun Seok, Juhyun Eune*): Comparison on business models: Korean government’s support for start-ups from all generation entrepreneurs

Speical Session 29. Sustainability oriented innovation

  • Chairs: Zheng Liu (Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK & Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China), Bo Yang (Swansea University, UK)
  • Paper Lists:
    • 1. (Lei Ma, Ben Zhang, Kaitong Liang, Yang Cheng): Knowledge flow mechanism for platform innovation ecosystem enabled by digital technology: multiple case studies on IP operation platforms in China
    • 2. (Kaitong Liang, Zheng Liu, Lei Ma, Chaonan Yi): How to cr eate data value in a digital innovation ecosystem: A comparison study between UK and China
    • 3. (Zheng Liu, Jialun Hu, Gary Walpole, Bo Yang): Exploring the circular economy implementation: Case studies in Wales
    • 4. (Eloi Letzelter, Yongjiang Shi, Zheng Liu, Bo Yang): Re-globalisation of European multinational corporations: A new fr amework to respond to the uncertain environment
    • 5. (Ben Zhang, Lei Ma, Yang Cheng, Zheng Liu): Knowledge diffusion path generated by technological collaboration: The case stdy of International projects of carbon capture, utilization and storage