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General Session 1. 

  • Chair: KwangHo Jung(Seoul National University, Korea
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Agota Giedrė Raišienė*, Tibor Dőry, Simonas Juozapas Raišys): Issues of Innovation Expert Support for Business Decision-Making: Prioritizing the key factors of commercializing innovations
    • 2. (Kwangho Jung): Competing Theories in Explaining the Evolution of Electronic Vouchers in Korean Social Services
    • 3. (Jin Zhu, Zhi-Guang Chen*): Administrative burden and public participation in environmental governance
    • 4. (Jaewon Yun, Kwangho Jung*): The Impact of Regularizing Non-Regular Employees on Financial Performance of Korean Public Enterprises: Management Capacity Matters
    • 5. (Jae Young Lee, Kwangho Jung*): Multiple Perspectives of COVID-19 Patients on Community Treatment Centers in South Korea: Q-Method Approach
    • 6. (Seung-Hee Lee): Circular Economy Model: Sustainable Fashion Industry

General Session 2. 

  • Chair: Ibrahim Niankara(Al Ain University College of Business, United Arab Emirates (UAE))
  • Paper Lists
    • 1.(Agota Giedrė Raišienė*, Tibor Dőry, Simonas Juozapas Raišys): Issues of Innovation Expert Support for Business Decision-Making: Prioritizing the key factors of commercializing innovations
    • 2. (Ledro, Cristina*, Dalla Pozza, Ilaria, Nosella, Anna): INTEGRATION OF AI IN CRM and MARKETING: ENABLING FACTORS, CHALLENGES and GUIDELINES
    • 3. (Ahyoung Kim): A study on the behavior of using photo-realistic virtual avatar service: focusing on the experience of using mobile fashion commerce
    • 4. (Ibrahim Niankara*, Rachidatou I. Traoret): The digital payment-financial inclusion nexus and payment system innovation within the global open economy during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • 5. (Mari Iizuka): Open Innovation and the “Good Ancestor”: OMRON Corporation in Japan
    • 6. (S. Kehinde Medase, Joseph Amankwah-Amoah, Jutta Günther): Innovation Optimisation, Online Platform and Business Support Services: The Moderating Role of Skills and Business Association
    • 7. (Yang, Oh Suk*, Kim, Jong Bub): Correlation Analysis Between Local Extinction Crisis and Social Integration Level

General Session 3. 

  • Chair: Joao Leitao(University of Beira Interior, Portugal)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Dario Peirone and Judy Yueh Ling Song): The design of an open innovation ecosystem focused on sustainability: the case of the Butterfly Area in Turin, Italy
    • 2. (Dario Peirone, Dina Pereira, and Judy Yueh Ling Song): Knowledge networks, university incubation and the growth of start-ups: Case studies from Portugal
    • 3. (Monica Cugno, Rebecca Castagnoli, Giacomo Büchi, and Marco Pini): Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability in Industry 4.0 firms: a quantitative analysis
    • 4. (João Leitão and Joaquim Ferreira): Spatial Agllomeration and Productivity in Portuguese Industrial Districts
    • 5. (Francisco Rebelo and João Leitão): Determinants of Innovative Performance of Service Firms
    • 6. (Roberta Dutra de Andrade, Marcelo Martins Silva and Raysa Geaquinto Rocha): Open Innovation Approach for Empowering Parkinson's Patients

General Session 4. 

  • Chair: Euiseob Jeong(KISTI, Korea)
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Youeil KIM, EuiSeob JEONG*): Analysis of technology trends by technology fields of Korea: With focus on patentees of registered patents
    • 2. (Jinny Seo, JaeYoung Yoo): Analysis Open Innovation Trends ba sed on the Transaction Data of Global Bio-companies
    • 3. (Umer Zaman*, Inhyouk Koo, Shahid Nawaz, Pablo Farías): Value Co-creation in Post-Pandemic Tourism through Open Innovation Platforms: Nexus between Digital Tourism ‘Hackathon’, Reward-ba sed Crowdfunding and Destination Competitiveness
    • 4. (Minseo Jung): Uncovering the Relationship between Open Innovation and Financial Metrics: A Tesla Case Study on the Impact of Investment Indicators
    • 5. (Yoonseo Jung): Comparing the Perspectives between Humans and AI Chatbots: Water Pollution Solutions Through Open Innovation
    • 6. (Yoonseo Jung & Risa Bhaumik, Justin Merriman): Social Arts Market and Open Innovation: Facilitating Community Innovation and Global Collaboration

General Session 5. 

  • Chair: Changwoo PARK(Seoul National University, Korea)
  • Theme: Engineering Practice and Open Innovation for Project Ecosystem
  • Paper Lists
    • 1. (Jea HUH, Changwoo PARK*): Successful Proof of Concept design for large companies to expand into new markets
    • 2. (Hacksun Hwang, Changwoo PARK*): Business modeling of a ticket trading platform using NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
    • 3. (Dayoung IM, Changwoo PARK*): A Study on the Improvement of the Open innovation customized support system for College Entrance by Outstanding High School Students
    • 4. (Seongwoon KANG, Changwoo PARK*): Business modeling of Appropriate Technology application for overseas chemical plant projects
    • 5. (Dageon LEE, ByungJun KANG, Changwoo PARK*): A Case Study of the NASA 4-D System for Engineering Project Performance Creation in Open Innovation
    • 6. (Jeenyoung PARK, Changwoo PARK*): A study on the Roly-poly model ba sed on organizational culture improvement for sustainable work performance in open innovation
    • 7. (Jeonghyun PARK, Changwoo PARK*): Korea Media Rating using artificial intelligence technology in terms of open innovation