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Rajah Rasiah(Malaysia)

  • DistinguishedProfessor at University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Doctorate in Economics from Cambridge University in 1992
  • Rajawali fellow at Harvard University in 2014
  • Visiting Professor at UNIMAS (since 2018)
  • Presentation Theme: "Building Networks to Harness Open Innovations: Towards a Multi-Prong Strategy to Promote Sustainable Development"

Yuri Sadoi (Japan)

  • Professor, Meijo University, Japan
  • Hosting Chair of SOItmC&Meijo University 2019 Conference
  • Author of the Book Titled “ Innovation and Industrialization in Asia

Franco Malerba (Italy) (Non-Confirmed)

  • Professor at Bocconi University, Italy
  • President of ICRIOS (Invernizzi Centre for Research on Innovation, Organization, Strategy and Entrepreneurship), Bocconi University, Italy
  • Editor of the Journal "Industrial and Corporate Change"

LeventAltinay (UK)

  • Professor, Oxford Brookes University, UK
  • Editor-in-Chief of The Service Industries Journal
  • Europe Editor for International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management
  • Presentation Theme: “Changing Global Landscape: Global Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation”

Philip Cooke (UK)

  • Professor, Bergen University College, Norway
  • Editor of European Planning Studies(SSCI)
  • Presentation Theme: “Proximity, Networks and Clusters in the Quaternary (4.0) Economy: New Asymmetries”

Uwe Cantner (Germany)

  • Professor, University of Jena, Germany
  • Editor of Journal of Evolutionary Economics

JinHyo Joseph Yun (Korea)

  • Tenured Principal Researcher, DGIST, Korea
  • The founder of Open Innovation Dynamics; The author of Business Model Design Compass
  • Organizing President of Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity(SOItmC)
  • Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity(JOItmC)
  • Presentation Theme: Dynamic Open Innovation with Basic Income- The Way to Sustainable Economy

Fumio Kodama (Japan)

  • Emeritus Professor, Tokyo University, Japan
  • Visiting Professor, Harvard University and Stafford University (1991-1993)
  • Professor, Research Center of Advanced Science and Technology (1994-2003)
  • Dean of MOT Program in Shibaura Institute of Technology (2003-2010)
  • Editor of Research Policy (1993-2009)

Anil K. Gupta (India)

  • Professor, Indian Institute of Management, India
  • Founder of Honey Bee Network
  • Presentation Theme: IOT to IOTTF: Internet of Things, to the Internet of Things, Thoughts and Feeling for a Caring and Sharing Economy

Tan Yigitcanlar (Australia)

  • Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Knowledge-Based Development
  • Presentation Theme: "From Smart to Post-Anthropocentric Cities"

Venni V Krishna (India)

  • FASS at the University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Former Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India
  • Editor-in-Chief of Science, Technology and Society(SSCI)
  • Presentation Theme: “'Circular Economy in India”

Andreas Pyka (Germany)

  • Professor, University of Hohenheim, Germany
  • Deputy Head of International Diplomacy Academy(2011~)
  • Visiting Researcher at CIRST at the University of Quebec, Montreal