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General Session 1. 

  • Chair: Hun Park(KISTI, Korea)
  • Paper List:
    • 1. (Hun Park, Jongtaik Lee): A Study on the Automatic Patent Valuation by using LLM(Large Language Model)s
    • 2. (Kwanghoon Kim): The Use and Protection of Personal Information In The Era of Data Economy
    • 3. (Omid Tajeddini, Kayhan Tajeddini, Thilini Gamage): Exploring the effects of service innovation ambidexterity on service design in the tourism and hospitality industry
    • 4. (Ibrahim Niankara*, Hassan Ismail Hassan, Rachidatou I. Traoret, Abu Reza Mohammad Islam): The impacts of regulatory and market driven Open Banking initiatives on formal saving and digital remittance behaviors in the global economy: A mixed-methods evidence from bibliometric analysis and geospatial econometric modelling
    • 5. (Yuting DENG*, Yong Qi, Qing GUO): Impact of Patent Infringement Damages on Firms' Innovation Performance: The Moderating Effects of Patent-Intensive Industries

General Session 2. Confirmed

  • Chairs: Joao Leitao(University of Beira Interior, Portugal) & Dario Peirone(University of Torino, Italy)
  • Paper List:
    • 1. ooooo