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We recommend 1 hotels near Riga Technical University and 1 dormitory as follows.
The hotel fee will be updated by the hosting chair of RTU.

1. Elefant Hotel

Fee A joint booking price would be complemented by Riga Technical Univ. Hosting Chair
How to Reserve Self-booking Online( or Call (When booking, please use the reservation code "SOItmC&RTU 2017”)
Address Kalnciema Street 90, Riga, Latvia
Phone Number Reservations & Info: +371 67259925
Hotel Views

2. Riga Technical University Dormitory

Fee Studio 30㎡: 40 EUR per night; More room types would be available: RTU Dormitory Information
How to Reserve Self-booking Online( or Call (Recommend a hurry booking)
Address Azenes street 6, Kipsala, Riga
Phone Number Phone (reservations): +37167089395
Phone (reception for registered guests): +371 26 435 882, +371 67 089 268
Hotel Views